About AhaSave

AhaSave is a comprehensive video downloader series, available on Google Play Store and download via APK.
Our company is incorporated in British Virgin Islands, under AllRoad Limited. We currently have 4 video downloader series under the company, each offering video downloads suited to personal and professional needs.
You can find out more about our products here:
All Video Downloader
Facebook Downloader
Instagram Downloader
Twitter Downloader
AhaSave Video Downloader Series take utmost care in your privacy and security, complying with PDPA, GDPR, CCPA Laws and Google Play Store Regulation. Your documents are not stored in our app, nor do we have access to them. Your documents cannot be accessed by third parties. You can read more about this in our Privacy Policy.
Download your favourite videos in just a few taps on your Android. Our easy and lightweight downloader series support video downloads through link and built-in browser, allowing you to save online videos. Organise them in your video gallery and play them offline.
Free to Use
AhaSave Video Downloader Series is available for download on Google Play Store and free to use!
Easy and Lightweight
AhaSave Video Downloader Series is small and lightweight, perfect for your Android device.
Fast Speed Download
Enjoy fast and high quality download at 3x the speed compared to other video downloaders in the market.
Optimised for All Major Platforms in Various Formats
Download all forms of videos from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more easily, in various formats such as MP3, MP4, M4A, M4V, AVI, MOV, WMV etc.
Download and save for later
Download and save multiple videos at once to watch them in your video gallery offline, without wasting your mobile data.
Manage your downloads
Organise all your downloaded videos easily by arranging and renaming them. You can also keep important documents under Private Folder, and lock it with a passcode.
You can download AhaSave directly from our website, Google Play Store or on third-party APK sites.
AhaSave Apps go through stringent quality assurance tests and protocols by our Developers and we scan every new APK version of our app through multiple Virus and Malware detection engines before each release.
This is to ensure that our apps are safe for productivity, personal usage and enjoyment, without imposing any digital threats to your mobile devices. More about AhaSave Functions and Usage here.