Download Anime from Google Drive

How to Download Anime from Google Drive 2024? It’s Easier than You Think

When we first heard about this, we were surprised that we can also download anime from Google Drive. We just realized that people have many ways to store their files and share them with others. 

Google Drive is one of the top cloud storage services provided by Google. Each Gmail account has a 15 GB capacity of Drive given by Google for free. Even Though Google also provides payment subscriptions for larger Drive capacity, most people just create many Gmail accounts to have many Drive. People also use Gmail for education to have unlimited storage. They save their files on the university server. 

How to Get Anime from Google Drive

The first thing to do when you want to download anime from Google Drive is to find providers who share their anime files through Google Drive. There are several websites and communities that share their files about anime in Google Drive:

Download Batch Anime via Google Drive

This is one Facebook Fan Page that is dedicated to share the Google Drive links to download anime. You can check the link in its post and download anime that you like. 


Drivenime is an online anime platform that allows you to download anime from Google Drive. It is because the website also hosting its file in Google Drive so it would be very easy to download. is an Indonesian-based online anime platform that allows you to download anime in bulk. They store the anime video files in Google Drive that you can easily download. 

Manually Search in Google

You can also search manually from Google by typing [name of anime you want to download. You will see a lot of public drives that you can view to download.

There are also many people who sell their anime database in drive in the marketplace. 

Benefits of Download Anime from Google Drive

Downloading anime from Google Drive is one of the most secure ways. It is because Google Drive usually doesn’t allow people to upload files detected as viruses. That’s why it is safer for us to find providers who store their file in Google Drive.

How to Download from Google Drive

Basically Google Drive will allow you to download directly from their website. So you don’t need any third app or software to help you download from Google Drive. 

One thing that you must note is most of anime that you would like to download can be found in a public Google Drive. That’s why we also recommend you sites where you can download anime for fee.


Storing anime files in Google Drive is one of the best alternatives because you can watch your favorite anime everywhere later in the future. You don’t need to bring any harddisk wherever you go. It is more convenient. However, it is important to note that downloading anime from Google Drive still requires the Fair Use principle. You can store or download anime from Google Drive for your personal purpose.