Ahasave Movie Review Borderlines 2024

Do you know about Borderlines? It is a famous game that already has huge fans. It is one of the franchises owned by 2K. The popularity of Borderlands makes many producers from Hollywood really want to take this game beyond the gaming industries. They want to adapt this game to a movie! This happened in 2021 in which Lionsgate announced that it will make a film about this Borderlands game.

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Short History of Borderlines

Borderlines is a game with FPS (first-person shooter) action role type with its space western fantasy. This game was created by Gearbox Software from Texas but officially published by 2K, an American video game publisher located in Novato, California.

Courtesy of Lionsgate

Borderlands became famous in 2009 after its first series, Borderlands (2009). In 2022, Borderlands series already sold 77 million copies, in which as much as 26 million is from Borderlands 2 (2012). The total revenue of this game series is over US$1 billion and makes this game the best selling video games franchise ever. No wonder if many Hollywood producers want to adapt this game to a movie.There are 6 series of Borderlines:

  1. Borderlines (2009)
  2. Borderlines 2 (2012)
  3. Tales from the Borderlines (2014)
  4. Borderlines 3 (2019)
  5. Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands (2022)
  6. New Tales from the Borderlines (2022)

Borderlines Adaptation to Movie

After Lionsgate announced that it wants to make a movie adaptation of Borderlines two years ago, another source ever said it is first announced in 2015, finally we got a news about when this Borderlines Movie launched. It is in 9 August 2024! You must take note about this date. Don’t miss this Movie and must be included in your watch list.

Borderlines Movie Teaser

Lionsgate has already released some teasers and pictures to promote Borderlines Movie. Here are some of them:

Borderlines Movie Cast

Borderlines Movie casts are:

  • Cate Blanchett as Lilith
  • Kevin Hart as Roland
  • Jack Black as ClapTrap Curtis as Tannis
  • Ariana Greenblatt as Tiny Tina
  • Florian Munteanu as Krieg

Borderlines in Other Media

Besides Movie, Borderline game series also adapted into other media such as soundtrack and comic. The first soundtrack for Borderlands came in 2009. It have been written by Jesper Kyd, Raison Varner, Cris Velasco, and Sacha Dikiciyan, featuring 27 tracks. While for the sequel, it was for Borderlands 2 in 2012 featuring 23 tracks, with same composers.

For comics, in 2012 issued a four comic miniseries, Borderlands: Origins. They were published in print and digital in November 2012, written by Mikey Neumann and drawn by Agustin Padilla. Meanwhile, the publisher for Borderlines: Origins was IDW. This miniseries tells about how the original Vault Hunters came together in the beginning of Borderlands. The miniseries is:

  1. Borderlands: Origins Roland
  2. Borderlands: Origins Lilith
  3. Borderlands: Origins Mordecai
  4. Borderlands: Origins Brick
  5. Borderlands: Origins Collected Edition

In 2014 and 2015, there were eight miniseries issued. The writer and drawer were the same as the previous series. The miniseries is:

  1. Borderlands: Fall of Fyrestone #1 (July 2014)
  2. Borderlands: Fall of Fyrestone #2 (August 2014)
  3. Borderlands: Fall of Fyrestone #3 (October 2014)
  4. Borderlands: Fall of Fyrestone #4 (November 2014)
  5. Borderlands: Fall of Fyrestone #5 Tannis & The Vault Part 1 (December 2014)
  6. Borderlands: Fall of Fyrestone #6 Tannis & The Vault Part 2 (January 2015)
  7. Borderlands: Fall of Fyrestone #7 Tannis & The Vault Part 3 (March 2015)
  8. Borderlands: Fall of Fyrestone #8 Tannis & The Vault Part 4 (April 2015)

Borderlines Movie

So, are you interested in watching Borderlines Movie? Even though you are not a big fan of Borderlines, as game, but this Borderlines Movie still a great thing that will come in 2024. Watching this Movie will worth your effort.