Top 5 Best Fitness Influencers
Top 5 Best Fitness Influencers

With summer nearing, many of us would probably want to get that well-toned body for the beach. Hence, we start looking for some fitness influencers who can help us achieve that goal. We want to learn from some of the

Best 6 Yoga Influencers to Check Out

Looking for Yoga Influencers as we spend more time at home? Yoga fitness has been practised for centuries, and its popularity has grown significantly during the Covid-19 pandemic. Yoga is expressed through the art of meditation and exercise that involves the use of

Best 6 Tabata Home Workouts

Tabata originated from Japan by Dr Izumi Tabata, a dean at a university. It includes 20 seconds of high-intensity workout and 10 seconds of rest. They usually last a total of 4 minutes and consists of eight rounds. Tabata is

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