Top 5 Best Fitness Influencers

With summer nearing, many of us would probably want to get that well-toned body for the beach. Hence, we start looking for some fitness influencers who can help us achieve that goal. We want to learn from some of the best and most experienced in the fitness field.

Many of these fitness influencers specialise in both physical fitness and mental health. These influencers are getting more and more popular during the pandemic as most people in quarantine are willing to learn more about ways to maintain their physical fitness. Check out some of these fitness influencers who create fun and dynamic content for their viewers to get in shape.

5 Best Fitness Influencers


Here are 5 of the best fitness influencers on the internet and different social media platforms to try out some of their tutorials.

Kayla Itsines

Kayla Itsines is a powerhouse personal trainer and also the co-founder of a company called Sweat. Itsines advises women on how they can improve and maintain their health, both physically and mentally. She has a community where she provides support, guidance and motivation to different women. So, get on board with improving your physical and mental fitness with Kayla Itsines.

Massy Arias

Massy Arias is also another fierce woman who promotes fitness for a living. Her primary role as a fitness influencer is to inspire a new generation of trainers. She creates examples of different meal plans you can prepare to have a healthy diet. She encourages individuals by sharing her journey with healthy eating and how it has impacted her life.

Natalie Jill

Fit and fabulous are just a few words to describe Natalie Jill. She is a fat loss expert who transformed into a high-performance coach. Despite her being the age of 49, her work is remarkable in the fitness industry. She helps women worldwide by educating and inspiring them through various mediums such as podcast and books. She built her empire through sharing her struggles with fitness and how she overcame the challenges. She came up with the concept of FAT (False Assumed Truths) that may hold women back from having the body they dreamed of having. Passion and creativity are some of the few qualities that she possesses, which has helped her to change tons of women’s lives today.

Simeon Panda

Panda is one of the best male fitness professionals in our world today. He is known as the lift owner, and he is mainly famous for the impact he has made in the sports fitness industry. Panda hosts a variety of seminars and workshops around the world to educate individuals about fitness. He is recognised and featured in several major fitness publications due to the amount of time, energy, and effort he puts into building up his fitness.

Joe Wicks

Wicks has had a remarkable journey to reach where he is now. He started out by handing out flyers for his boot camp, and ten years later, he has accumulated over 600,000 clients. Wicks is a British fitness coach, an Author and also a TV host. As such, he has become one of the most popular fitness influencers today. He uses his platforms to educate people about the world of fitness.

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