Best 6 Yoga Influencers to Check Out

Looking for Yoga Influencers as we spend more time at home? Yoga fitness has been practised for centuries, and its popularity has grown significantly during the Covid-19 pandemic. Yoga is expressed through the art of meditation and exercise that involves the use of your body, from various physical poses, breathing exercises and deep concentration.

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Yoga has many benefits to an individual who decides to participate in it. Some of these include: improve flexibility, reduce stress and anxiety, and one very important aspect is building muscle strength.Whether we have had a stressful day or you want to part take in fun yet eye-opening exercise, Yoga is the best way to go. 

Since the pandemic, yoga influencers have now made use of different social media platforms to broadcast their content. Yoga influencers have become quite popular, and they continue to engage their audience with informative, fun and creative content.

Here are 6 yoga influencers that you may want to check out.

6 Yoga Influencers to Check Out

1.    Peter Walters

Mr Walters’ story on how he got into Yoga was quite a hilarious one. When a friend dragged him out of the house, he kicked and screamed his way to their first-ever yoga practice. Despite countless failed attempts to do different poses, he got hooked and decided to continue doing it after a while. He inspires individuals with the concepts of praying, forgiveness and having fun while doing Yoga. People were feeling calmer and focused during this pandemic just by taking part in Mr Walters yoga sessions.

2.    Anahata Conscious Living

Ari is the founder of Conscious Living, where she embraces Yoga as a medicine for our bodies. She teaches Yoga, meditation, and Ayurveda as a lifestyle. As one of the most successful Yoga teacher, she educates her audiences about the benefits of Yoga and how it impacts your body, both mentally and physically. The Conscious living foundation has many different aspects such as meal planning, yoga classes, and personal training to get fit and healthy— everything about fitness under one roof. 

3.    Tina Bock

Tina is an American yoga instructor and enthusiast who is passionate about the importance of mental and physical wellness. She provides her viewers with tutorials, retreats, and workshops to improve in the art of Yoga. Whether you’re a beginner or a flexible yogi– Tina provides detailed technique breakdowns to feel inspired and motivated about each pose you will do. 

4.    Adriene Mishler

 Adriene Mishler is a yoga instructor dedicated to helping both novices and experts in the art of Yoga. She has detailed modules for weight loss and mental peace, and she shares that knowledge on her social media platforms and websites. She has a large community of viewers and life-changing stories to share due to taking Adriene yoga classes. She educates, inspires and motivates all her students that you can do anything as long as you put your mind to it.

5.    Liv Townsend

Liv is another yoga instructor who provides thorough, detailed teachings to all her fans and students. Her Instagram platforms are covered with ideal Yoga poses for her viewers to follow along. Her live YouTube sessions actively engage and educate her fans about the benefits of Yoga and some amazing forms that anyone can do.

6.    Corrina Rachel

Rachel is the creator of the YouTube channel PsycheTruth. Her channel consists of topics about wellness, psychology, and fitness. From intense workout to Yoga, contents are posted on a daily basis. This diverse channel is for everyone, including medical practitioners and yoga gurus, to share information and provide motivational tips for everyone.

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