10 Romantic Movies to Watch as Couples

If you’re looking for a list of romantic movies to watch, we’ve got you covered! Romance is among the most popular TV genres nowadays. Unlike most of them, romance is a category in which the narrative focuses on the love of two main characters that experience love. Watching romantic movies have a huge impact on the viewer’s perception of love and relationships. Watching and discussing how lovers interact in movies may help real-life couples see and accept their behaviors, whether helpful or harmful. Here are some of the best romantic movies to watch with your partner.

The Notebook

romantic movies to watch the notebook

Based on a Nicholas Sparks book, this romantic comedy spans decades, alternating between a couple’s first bloom of love in the 1940s and the current situation of how that relationship has evolved in old age. The Notebook is generally regarded as one of the greatest romantic movies to watch, with a classic sob fest finale, from Noah and Allie’s initial encounter at the Ferris wheel through the famous rain scene. While it is touching, people tend to forget what happens after Dylan (Justin Timberlake) and Jamie (Mila Kunis) make the deal. This contract is to be personal and uncompromising. They connect in New York City. Naively they think it’s not a problem to add sex to your friendship. They start developing profound mutual sentiments over time, only to deny each other. It is a catastrophe formula since a person is in danger of wanting more.

Couples Retreat

romantic movies to watch couples retreat

When Cynthia and Jason and feel their relationship is in threat, they decide to attend a couples’ retreat in paradise. While this movie is a comedy, it invites viewers to review their relationship. This film emphasizes that there is no ideal or simple relationship. Happy couples invest a lot of work into ensuring a growing and thriving connection. Looking at this cinema is a chance to laugh a few times, but also to talk about what you can do to strengthen your relationship.’


romantic movies to watch Juno

When Juno gets pregnant, she chooses to put her kid up for adoption. She seeks potential parents for her kid and understands them before the baby is born. This film challenges its viewers to consider what genuine love and devotion look like. Everyone has an idealistic view of how a relationship should be, but in reality, they are far more complex. Juno is about individuals embracing their truth, even if it is frightening. It may provide an opportunity to reconfirm your commitment, limits, and emotions in your relationship.


romantic movies to watch titanic

Titanic is a catastrophe film with epic romance. The narrative is based on the tales of the RMS Titanic’s sinking. In Titanic, we see that Rose and Jack find each other happiness and overlook the social disparities. The film proves that when it comes to love and devotion, money is nothing. No matter if your spouse has no money or is part of a low-class family, it’s all about how much you adore them and how you do want to live together. Make sure to bring the tissue box with you while watching this movie.

365 Days

romantic movies to watch 365 days

Laura works as a sales manager at a luxury Varsovian hotel. She has a great job, but she lacks enthusiasm for her private life. She takes the last shot to preserve her bond. She is on vacation to Sicily with her bone-headed lover, Martin, and several other pals. Massimo, the most terrifying guy on the island, does not expect her to get in her way, sequester her, keep her prisoner and offer her 365 days – to love him.

The Eternal Sunshine of Spotless Mind

romantic movies to watch eternal sunshine of the spotless mind

The Eternal Sunshine of Spotless Mind violates all the romantic conventions, beginning with the breakup of the main relationship. Joel (Jim Carrey), still heartbroken, is looking for a method to remove Clementine (Kate Winslet) from his mind. The ensuing journey through his thoughts and the recollections of Clementine’s past led to something more emotional than a simple Rom-com could provide.

About Time

romantic movies to watch about time

Tim (Domhnall Gleeson) learns that people in his family can transtemporal travel. So naturally, he utilizes it to work with Mary in his relationship (played Rachel McAdams). He quickly learns, of course, that altering the past may have unintentional and possibly permanent effects.

Before Sunrise

romantic movies to watch before sunrise

Before Sunrise is the perfect film to watch while you’re in a fresh romance of butterflies. This movie (and its following sequences) demonstrate how fast you may fall in love, and it’s not the craziest thing in life to be head-on for someone. Ethan Hawke is playing a young American who meets a French lady (Julie Delpy) on a railway; they make a connection instantly, so they spend the night strolling through Vienna, getting to know each other and fall in love. If you are in a newly started relationship, it’s ideal.

Going The Distance

romantic movies to watch going the distance

Long-term relationships are hard, especially if you are passionately in love. Drew Barrymore and Justin Long star as a young couple attempting to negotiate how to live together while being on the opposite ends of their nation. It’s not easy for them, sorry for the spoiler, but at one point, they even split up, yet the higher and lower parts of this kind are true to reality. That said, if two individuals desire to communicate with one another, maintain an open line and make efforts, it is completely easier to build an LDR work.

If Beale Street Could Talk

romantic movies to watch if Beale street could talk

Each time the characters in “If Beale Street Could Talk” ‘agonized, scornful Barry Jenkins stare directly to and towards your camera. Two lovers looking at each other in this film softens everything in their gaze, producing a brightness that wraps about them like a comforter blunting the world. You also sense the warmth and the gentleness.

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