4 Easy Housewarming Recipes

Buying your dream home or getting your own space is like a dream come true for anyone. To having more freedom, more parties and more responsibilities. We all would want to enjoy the thrill of having a housewarming party someday, complete with easy housewarming recipes that are not a fuss to prepare.

In having food for your housewarming party, it is all dependent on the type of person you are.  Whether that be classy, casual or what mood you’re in. For a classy person you would probably have various elegant dishes such as pastas, Caesar salads or soups; meanwhile, a simpler person who probably doesn’t want to spend much, a traditional backyard barbeque will suffice, as you have just moved into your new home. Here are some 7 easy housewarming recipes if you are throwing a party. 

4 Easy Housewarming Recipes

Fruit Board

Easy Housewarming Recipes

Full Recipe: Taste of Home

This is an easy starter to get everyone going at a party. On a large platter or cutting board, arrange an assortment of fruits, nuts (think almonds, cashew and walnuts) and various types of cheeses. To finish off, simply place a small jar of honey in the middle for dipping!

Potluck Macaroni and Cheese

Full Recipe: Chef In Kitchen

This is another recipe that is easy to prepare. Simply cook macaroni till al dente. Afterwards, just transfer to a slow cooker where you mix in milk, cheese, butter and eggs until it is creamy in texture.

Pizza Pasta

Easy Housewarming Recipes

Love pizza AND pasta? Try to go for best of both worlds! Cook your Bolognese pasta as usual, but this time, add pepperoni and loads of Mozzarella cheese before putting your casserole into the oven. It’s ready once the cheese has melted with some light browning. Perfect pleaser for the cheese lovers!

Bacon and Egg Salad


Looking for a healthier option for housewarming party? Why not make a simple Bacon and Egg Salad? All you have to do is to fry your bacon till crisp and add in to your favorite greens. Add in an egg and toss them in your favorite salad dressing and viola! A healthy yet crowd-pleasing dish is done!

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