6 Best Sewing Hacks from 5 Mins Craft to Download on Android

Creative sewing hacks can save your day. These can be perfect for saving your clothes and making your day in unforeseen situations. With 5 Mins Craft popularity, short creative techniques to try unique things and overcome daily challenges have become popular.

With over 130 million followers, 5 Mins Craft challenges the way of doing it to save time. Their approach to deal with daily life problems is exceptional. With deadlines and much more on your palate, these quicker and easier sewing will delight you, as the tiniest things can take your longest time otherwise.

Best Sewing Hacks from 5 Mins Craft

Here for you are the 7 best hacks to save time and make your day everywhere from 5 Mins Craft Facebook page. Let’s dive in:

1.    Save your Favourite Clothes

Best Sewing Hacks from 5 Mins Craft Facebook download video

Why waste your favorite clothes when with just a needle and thread, you can get them back to life. Remember your memorable moments while wearing them again. From torn up leggings, jeans to socks and perfect stitches, you can get it all with simple sewing hacks shared in this video

2.    Awkward moments prompt sewing

Best Sewing Hacks from 5 Mins Craft download video on Facebok

You shall always be prepared for everything. The best ways to overcome awkward moments like clothing torn up in public can save you from embarrassment and make your day. Instead of leaving that event or place within few minutes, you can get everything right. Check out this sewing hack to deal with clothes’ public awkward moments.

3.    Transform Cloth looks in seconds

Best Sewing Hacks from 5 Mins Craft download FB videos

Bring colors with simple sewing hacks by transforming your old clothes. How about adding frills to your cuffs or adding excellent designs along with your shirt buttons?  Sew your torn-up zips and convert your old-fashioned clothes to beautiful new designs.

4.    Adjust any jeans to your waist instantly

Best Sewing Hacks from 5 Mins Craft download videos from FB

Waist adjustment with new jeans can be really problematic, especially if you have got one. With this easy sewing hack, you can adjust your jeans waist; you simply need a thread and needle without anyone noticing the adjustments.

5.    Perfection in cloth stitching at home

Best Sewing Hacks from 5 Mins Craft download videos from FB on android

Stitch and repair clothes at home like a professional is easy. Adding a band to your sewing machine will assist in perfectly straight sewing. Using a fork, you can add seamless frills to your clothes. Additional tools can complement your thread and needle. They can be really helpful to get your sewing job done. 

6.    Simple sewing hacks in daily life

Best Sewing Hacks from 5 Mins Craft Facebook downloader app

Have you ever got your finger injured by the needle while sewing? A spoon can speed up the stitching process and save your torn. How about cutting cloth pieces perfectly with a needle, magnet, and scissors? Here are some easy sewing hacks that’ll come in handy!

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