How to Download Cooking Recipe Videos Online

Food recipe content is now one of YouTube’s most popular categories. People mostly subscribe to or watch cooking videos on YouTube when they want to recreate something they tried somewhere else and want to try at home, so they instinctively turn to YouTube to search for the recipe.

Many people are turning to YouTube Food channels for cooking tips and tricks, recipes, and more. Food is growing rapidly on YouTube, whether people are looking for a bread recipe or watching their favorite food celebrity. 

If you are in search of the best online cooking channels, do not worry anymore. This article will discuss top cooking channels and how to download cooking recipe videos free from these channels.

Some of the Best Food Channels

  • Tasty 
  • Laura in the Kitchen
  • Jamie Oliver 
  • Food Wishes
  • First We Feast
  • Gordon Ramsay
  • Epic Meal Time
  • Babish Culinary Universe
  • Rosanna Pansino
  • Mark Wiens

Best 5 Food Recipe Channels


Tasty is a BuzzFeed division that creates and distributes content about comfort food. Every single one of their recipes is available on their Facebook page. Their YouTube channel is currently ranked 78th in the United States in terms of subscribers. Every day, a few videos are uploaded, and some of them have gone viral.

On January 22, 2016, they launched their YouTube channel. Their most popular video, “I Went to Japan to Make The Most Difficult Omelet,” has over 16.2 million views.

Rosanna Pansino

Rosanna Pansino’s NERDY NUMMIES series includes over 100 cake, cookie, and cupcake recipes. Her channel now has 2 million total subscribers and an average of 15 million views per month due to its success. 

Rosanna’s inventive combination of two seemingly disparate genres, her consistent programming, and her intelligent annotation strategy has contributed to her YouTube success.

Laura in the Kitchen

She is a YouTube personality and an Italian-American television host. The Cooking Channel hired her as a chef and host of Simply Laura due to the popularity of her video series Laura in the Kitchen, in which she cooks Italian cuisine. Her channel has 3.79 million subscribers.

Epic Meal Time

Epic Meal Time is a Canadian YouTube cooking show known for making extremely high-calorie meals out of meat products (particularly bacon). It debuted in October 2010 and has since begun to release an episode every Tuesday.

Food Wishes

Chef John of Food Wishes has 2 million YouTube subscribers. He “makes the food the star,” including close-ups of each meal as it is prepared, as well as tips, tricks, and humor.

How to download cooking recipe videos online for free on your Android?

In the above section, you came to know about the best recipe channels. Now, the question is how to download cooking recipe videos online for free from these channels. Try AhaSave Video Downloaders.

What is AhaSave Video Downloader?

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It’s easy to download your favorite recipe videos whenever you want. 

Happy Cooking.

Methods of downloading cooking recipe videos online for free to your Android device using AhaSave free Video Downloader

Ahasave Facebook Downloader easy use

Method 1

  • It offers a built-in browser so you can browse video sites.
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Method 2

  • Copy the movie link from the website and paste it into the free video downloader application. It will start downloading videos automatically. 

Note: Download videos from the websites mentioned above just for your personal use. 

Features of AhaSave downloader

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