Top 10 Best Football Shot Tricks

One of the best features of watching a football game is the brilliance and creativity of the individuals playing. Things that make football games memorable may include; how an individual back-heeled the ball into the net or how the free-kick was curved into the net from 3yards out. It’s basically how the great footballers use a new trick to make the most out of a hopeless situation making history in the process. 

Top 10 Best Football Shot Tricks

Some of the most classic moves are recorded and are being taught to every generation of players. For example, as a football lover, you might have watched and rewatched the Maradona turn or Roberto Carlos’ long-range free-kick for Brazil in 1997. These are tricks all kids and adult are trying to learn from the best footballers. Here are some mind-blowing tricks that have been seen in the football world.

Top 10 Best Football Shot Tricks

1.     The Maradona Turn 

The Maradona Turn involves dancing around the ball, changing directions, and taking multiple opponents off the game. It’s breathtaking to watch, especially if it’s being done at a fast pace.

2.     The Scissor Kick

The scissor kick is a fascinating way to score a goal. The spectacular view of a striker swinging themselves in the air to catch a cross that is just above their head with their foot and passing it directly to the net is magical.

3.     The Rainbow

The Rainbow is a common trick embraced by footballers over time and involves wrapping one foot around the other to score or assist.

4.     Elastico

Elastico is also another magical trick. However, it’s hard to pull this one off since a player has to roll their foot on the ball so that when they bring it down on the other foot, they can go past the opponent swiftly.

5.     Pull Back V 

Pull back V is another trick where you first sell the fake to the opponent, pull the ball back on one foot to keep the opponent away, then release it to the other standing leg. It’s especially effective when you change your pace.

6.     Rainbow Flick

The origin of this trick is unknown, but it involves rolling the ball back up on the other feet, then lifting it above the defender’s head, then running to meet it on the other side.

7.     Seal Dribble

 Seal dribble involves running with a ball perched on your forehead like a seal. It’s not a common trick, but we see players like Nani doing it exceptionally well on the pitch.

8.     The Panenka 

The Panenka has been another outstanding technique footballers use to shoot penalties. It involves deceiving the keeper that the player will shoot either to the right or left of the net. Once the keeper commits to diving on either side, the player then places the ball at the centre of the net.

9.     The Back Heel

A trick that is used to pass the ball to a teammate by dragging the ball on one’s feet then knocking it with the back heel.

10.   The Fake Kick

The fake kick is how someone is pretending to shoot the ball but passing it to the other foot instead. It’s also a common trick used by footballers and needs proper mastering.

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