Top 10 NBA Twitter Accounts

Basketball fans all over the world are went crazy over the recently ended NBA Finals on NBA Twitter accounts. In the final seconds of Game 6, Antetokounmpo cemented his legacy among the pantheon of Bucks’ greats with a 105-98 win over the Suns on Tuesday night, securing the franchise’s first NBA championship since 1971. If you are still recovering from the NBA final that just ended a few days ago, you’re not alone. You can still find people joking, making memes, hoops talking, supporting their favourite NBA teams on Twitter.

While the NBA season for this year has ended, the love for the NBA still goes on. We have brought you a complete and ultimate list of the 10 Best NBA Accounts on Twitter. You can follow all of these accounts to help yourself say updated with the NBA community. Let’s have a look at our favourite NBA Twitter Accounts!

10 Best NBA Twitter Accounts

Adrian Wojnarowski – @wojespn

Top 10 NBA Twitter Accounts

There is a reason behind this name topping the list. Adrian Wojnarowski, also known as Woj, is a sports columnist, reporter, and author from the United States. He previously covered the NBA for Yahoo! Sports and now works as an NBA insider for ESPN. So if you are up for joining the NBA Twitter Account community, this is the best account for you to follow.

Shams Charania – @ShamsCharania

Top 10 NBA Twitter Accounts

Shams is an American sports reporter. He works for The Athletic and Stadium, covering the NBA. This is another account that contains all the instant news and the latest information on the NBA.

Brian Windhorst – @WindhorstESPN

Top 10 NBA Twitter Accounts

Brian Windhorst holds a reputed name in the industry. He is an sportswriter who focuses on the National Basketball Association. Follow this NBA Twitter Account without any doubt to camouflage yourself into the industry.

Chris Haynes – @ChrisBHaynes

Top 10 NBA Twitter Accounts

As the reporter of Yahoo and TNT, the NBA Twitter account of Chris Haynes is a must to follow. He breaks down information and writes relevant writing pieces.

Rachel Nichols – @Rachel__Nichols

Top 10 NBA Twitter Accounts

Rachel Michele Nichols is an American sportscaster. She currently works for ESPN as a television host, sports reporter, and anchor. She is one of the active social media users and posts the juiciest information frequently. 

Ramona Shelburne – @RamonaShelburne

Top 10 NBA Twitter Accounts

Ramona Shelburne is the whole universe of the NBA. Ramona Shelburne shares amazing and useful chunks of legit information. She shares a deep bond with the NBA league and knows how to keep yourself updated accurately. So you can be rest assured that you are in safe hands.

Bill Simmons – @BillSimmons

Top 10 NBA Twitter Accounts

William John Simmons III, commonly known as Bill Simmons, is the founder and CEO of the sports and pop culture website The Ringer. He is an American sports analyst, author, podcaster, and former sportswriter. Love him or hate him, Simmons is definitely the king of the NBA, and so does his Twitter account. Apart from league-related posts, he also posts some amazing writing pieces which you will surely enjoy reading.

Jason Concepcion – @Netw3rk

Top 10 NBA Twitter Accounts

Jason is a former employee of The Ringers. He is a hilariously smart person. He also hosts All Caps NBA. So don’t forget to follow his account as well.

Ian Karmel – @IanKarmel

Top 10 NBA Twitter Accounts

Being a comedian by trade, Ian Karmel posts the relevant NBA information with a twist of comedy sometimes. Following him will not only bring you information but some smiles on your face, which is just a plus point. 

Dan Devine – @YourManDevine

Top 10 NBA Twitter Accounts

Dan Devine’s timeline is undoubtedly one of the best ways to keep yourself linked to the league. He writes some amazing write-ups to keep you informed of all of the important information regarding the league. 

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