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We love following K-Drama accounts on Instagram for the latest updates! K-Dramas are pretty famous dramas not only in Korea but all over the world. In 2020, a survey was held worldwide, and 33% said they love K-Dramas. It was an online survey, and people said that K-Dramas are popular even to the general public in their respective countries.

K-Dramas (Korean Dramas) are so popular worldwide that many countries telecast these shows on their channel after dubbing them into their languages. K-Dramas are usually shorter in length, with almost 16 episodes. These dramas are also popular among Instagram users. So, here are some Top K-Drama Accounts to Follow on Instagram.

What are K-Drama Accounts?

K-Drama accounts are those Instagram accounts that post contents related to Korean dramas. These accounts can be fan-made, or they can be accounts of K-Drama’s actors or actresses. Usually, they post clips or quotes with photos and videos of any Korean drama on Instagram. These accounts are also popular among the fans of Korean dramas.

Top K-Drama Accounts to Follow on Instagram

If you like Korean dramas, here are some top K-drama accounts on Instagram that you must follow to keep yourself updated on stuff related to Korean dramas:

1.    k.dramas

Top 5 K-Drama Accounts to Follow on Instagram

You will get every piece of information in the form of clips with this account. Stills, posts, clips, awards, OSTs, news and event posters, everything that you want about K-Dramas is here. That is why this account has got a strong fan following of 557k Instagram followers. When you go to this account, you will see regular posts related to Korean dramas.  

2.    best.kdramas

Top 5 K-Drama Accounts to Follow on Instagram

This account is pretty much popular among the fans of K-Dramas. best.kdramas is also a fan-made account. The accounts reveals a lot about K-drama storylines, making it a “Spoiler” account that you might want to be aware of.  Probably that is why this account has got 252k followers.

3.    kdramaloverin

If you are a K-Drama lover, then you must follow this account. You will get everything you need to know about K-Dramas here, including news of K-stars, edits, memes, reels, and updates. So, what are you waiting for? This account has 21.2k Instagram followers, which means that it is in a growing phase.

4.    kdrama_eng

This is a pretty different and interesting K-Drama account as you will get some funny stuff like memes here. As statedin the name of the account, this account mainly posts in English. So, it means that this account is not only catered for Koreans but for K-Drama fans worldwide. So, follow this account and be among those 11.3k followers.  

5.    do_you_like_kdrama

Top 5 K-Drama Accounts to Follow on Instagram

This Instagram account named do_you_like_kdrama is perfect for K-Drama fans. You will get every latest photo and clip from Korean dramas just by following them. This is a fan-made account that has 5.5k Instagram followers. Although it has only 5.5k Instagram followers for now, we believe this account will grow to have more followers in the future with its exciting content.

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