Top 6 Dog Trainers to Follow on Instagram

Want to know about dog training on Instagram but not getting any suitable account to follow? If so, stay tuned. Instagram is now becoming a house of pets because it is filling up with “Petfluencers”. Everyone is coming with their home pets and making Instagram “Petstagram”. You can also call it Instagram for Animals.

Top 6 Dog Trainers to Follow on Instagram

When we talk about pets, dogs are the first that comes in our minds. That is why the most followed pet account is of a dog named “jiffpom”, and he has got 8.9 million followers on Instagram.

So, here are the top 6 dog trainers to follow on Instagram:

1. southenddogtraining

dog trainer instagram

Adam Spivey is a pretty famous dog trainer on Instagram and TikTok. He lives in Essex, UK, and he is constantly conscious about the behaviour of the dog that makes him a relatively calm trainer. He will tell you your mistakes on how you train your dogs and their solutions to be a better dog trainer.

2. headtotaildogtraining

dog trainer instagram

In this account, you will meet Mellisa and her dog, who live in Bend, Oregon, USA. She shares some tips about balanced training that addresses the whole dog from head to tail.

3. kindreddogpdx

dog trainer instagram

Here you will see Ruben Montes, who runs a dog training institute based out of Portland. Oregon, USA. He will tell you everything about dog training for daily life. So, what are you waiting for?

4. walkingdogtraining

dog trainer instagram

Bethany Johnson has a different story because she was not a dog trainer from the beginning. Instead, she had a monster dog, and she had to train that brutal dog. These circumstances made her a dog trainer. So, she shares some tips and tricks that she has learned from her life about dog training.

5. canine_performance

dog trainer instagram

Natalie Dobkins and other team members of Canine Performance will teach you how they train the dogs in North Carolina. So, you can learn much from this account, from training dogs mentally to physically.

6. itshenrythebully

Henry a dog from Toronto whose innocence will convince you to follow this account. Here you will get some exceptional photographs and some useful dog training tips that will help you establish a quality relationship with your dog.

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