Top 7 Basketball Trick Shots and How to Download Them

These Top 7 basketball Trick Shots are thrilling and bring unexpected results with exceptional skills and practice. As a passionate basket player with consistency, even you can learn and master these top 7 basketballs trick shots. 

More than 200 nations compete in basketball, with Olympic basketball as the greatest sports honor. The basketball trick shots are valuable against opponents and fascinating to watch. 

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Behind the Back

Top 7 Basketball Trick Shots

This first trick shot is developed to tackle the opponent’s weak defensive to take a winning shot without any error. It begins with the ball dribble in your right hand and later put your hand on the farther side of the ball. Rotate the arms closely around your body with firm hand control. As the ball reaches the left side, control it with your left hand and dribble again for an invisible goal. 

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Free Throw

Top 7 Basketball Trick Shots

This shot requires eagle observation. To throw this winning shot, keep an eye on the players’ position and maintain your body balance. Get in position to get elbows in L-shape with the ball in hand. Enjoy this trick shot here.


Top 7 Basketball Trick Shots

An easy Trick shot but proved an efficacious trick shot. Dribble the ball in your right hand and throw it towards your left hand. Now again, bounce it back to your right hand while dribbling. Keep a tight grip on the basketball to do this shot effectively. Watch and try doing it again and again. 

Up and Under

Top 7 Basketball Trick Shots

This one is an amazing combo of a fake shot and a trick shot. Firstly, the player attempts to throw the ball over the head of the opponent; this is the fake part. As the opponent jumps to block the ball, he already has missed the real shot. Kevin McHale is one of the masters of this trick shot. Let’s watch it.

Pebble Throw

Top 7 Basketball Trick Shots

One of the best shots to tackle blockers. Align your belly button and nose to the middle of the rim. Align your foot and hold the ball with your fingers. Keep this at the level of your head, then throw the ball and score a point. This shot requires a lot of time and practice.

Slam Dunk

Top 7 Basketball Trick Shots

A spectacular shot and indeed the toughest one. The player jumps as high as possible to throw the ball in the rim and score the winning point. Some people run and jump at one foot, but you could reach more high with both feet and right angle.


Top 7 Basketball Trick Shots

Leaning backward to fade your opponent and giving the defender the toughest time. This is a short-distance trick shot as the ball has backward momentum. Reggie Miller is one of those players who masters this trick shot.

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