Top 8 Viral Tiktok Dance You Need to Learn

Love watching or doing viral Tiktok dance? You’re not alone! Tiktok is considered to be one of the fastest-growing mobile apps these days. We have seen how popular this video-sharing app is, especially with the younger generation.

Tiktok is a video-sharing app that allows creators to share short videos about anything. It is greatly appealing to many because of its capability to entertain and edit videos on the app itself. As of October 2018, Tiktok is said to be the most downloaded app in the App store. It now has over 50 million users all over the world.

These days, celebrities are also using Tiktok to connect more to their fans. They could create a short vlog about their day and edit it on Tiktok and they can easily show it with their fans. Dance challenges are now popular in Tiktok. These dance challenges are used by many creators so their videos can be on the FYP of Tiktok. One of the factors that these dance challenges are popular is because steps can be followed easily. And it can be done by many and it is for a short period only

Top 8 Viral Tiktok Dance You Need to Learn

Here are the top 8 Viral Dance Challenges on TikTok that have been in the ‘For You’ Page in the past year. Tap into the photo to get the video link to download now!

1. Renegade

viral tiktok dance challenge renegade

This is the most popular TikTok dance so far. Despite its fast-paced choreography, users are up for the challenge. Created by a 14-year-old Jalaiah Harmon from Atlanta, her choreography suddenly blew up especially to those within her age bracket.

2. Number One Baby

viral tiktok dance challenge number one baby

The song for this choreography is entitled Relationship by Thug and Future. But since the portion of the song used as the “number one baby” lyrics in it and it is where the choreography is based, it is known more as a Number One Baby song. 

3. Supalonely

viral tiktok dance challenge supalonely

Supalonely by BENEE gained popularity around the first half of 2020. This is mainly because of user @zoifish choreography that reached 2.3 million likes. This viral dance challenge in TikTok  has become more popular because influencers like Addison Rae are also doing the dance challenge. 

4. Don’t Start Now

viral tiktok dance challenge don't start now

Dua Lipa had captured the 3.8 users of TikTok and has been a part of the viral Tiktok dance challenge for the first half of February. Many TikTok users have created their own version of this viral Tiktok dance challenge after Hannah Kaye Balanay posted her choreography to this tune. 

5. Say So

viral tiktok dance challenge say so

Doja Cat has gained her popularity with the help of TikTok. Her song Say So was danced by almost over 16 million in TikTok. The choreography of this viral dance challenge is a teenager from Alabama, Haley Sharpe. And because she had contributed to the popularity of the song, Doja Cat invited her to perform in the music video. 

6. Savage

viral tiktok dance challenge savage

Savage by Megan Thee Stallion featuring Beyonce is probably one of the most popular dance challenges in Tiktok. Keara Wilson choreographed the viral dance challenge and has reached around 26 million views. Many people had participated in this viral dance challenge.

7. Laxed (Siren Beat)

viral tiktok dance challenge laxed siren beat

The choreography of this viral dance challenge is relatively simple which is why everyone wants to join in. The beat was produced by Jawsh 685 and the dance involves very simple hand movements and few body rolls. Eventually Jason Derulo collaborated with Jawsh 685 to create the song Savage Love which became very popular in TikTok as well. 

8. Tap In

viral tiktok dance challenge tap in

This viral TikTok dance challenge got popular last 2020. The dance was choreographed by user @yodamnmamma and participated by many users all over the world. After it became a dance challenge, the song became one of the biggest TikTok sounds of 2020.

Downloading Videos to Learn Tiktok Dance

Trying to join the dance challenges needs practice. To practice, you might need the video to replay over to follow the correct choreography. The videos available in TikTok can be downloaded so that you can practice on it before you upload your content in the platform. 

AhaSave is a free video downloader that can help you download videos on your Android phones and save them locally. Download Facebook videos of Tiktok dance choreography easily by following these simple steps.  

  1. Open Facebook app
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  3. Open the AhaSave video downloader app and paste it in the browser bar – your video download will start automatically.

The TikTok viral dance challenge video you want to download will be available locally once you follow the steps. AhaSave downloader lets you download those viral TikTok dance challenges. You can now easily replay these videos and practice on them even if you don’t have an internet connection. 

Respect Intellectual Property Rights

Note that videos downloaded are only for personal use and not advisable to broadcast. Intellectual property rights of these videos belongs to the original creator and sanctions will apply for any violations.

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