How to Download Videos From Reuters on Facebook?

How to download videos from Reuters? Reuters is one of the major news networks that most English speakers are watching. However, not everyone can watch the news when they are broadcastered on air.  In that case, download videos from Reuters would be a great alternative for you to catch up with the news. But how are you going to do it since platforms like Facebook does not provide a free and available download option? 

While Facebook doesn’t provide a direct way to go about it, it does not mean that you can’t download. Here is a brief article on how to download videos from Reuters on Facebook.

What is Reuters? 

When talking about the largest news networks of England, Reuters stands in the list of top ten news networks. Its headquarter is in London, but this English news company serves people with news of the world in over 200 places worldwide.

Over 2,500 journalists and over 600 photojournalists are currently working in this news agency to make it better than others. Reuters Facebook page will provide you with news of almost every type and aspect. That is why over 5.8 million people follow and over 4.9 million people like Reuters Facebook page.

Why Should You Download Videos from Reuters on Facebook?

You can always go online to watch the videos from their Facebook page, but we recommend you to download videos from Reuters because it has way more benefits. 

  • Save data consumption. Streaming videos online can cost a lot of your mobile data, especially if you have a limit to it.
  • You can watch Reuters’ videos without any internet connection (offline).
  • You can share any interesting or funny news with your loved ones after downloading it.
  • You can share any information or news with your family members.

To download videos from Reuters on Facebook directly on your Android, You’ll need a powerful third-party app to do it, and that’s AhaSave video downloader for Facebook.

Why AhaSave Facebook Downloade?

AhaSave is a powerful FB downloader that comes with lots of amazing features.  Here are some of them: 

  • It is free to download on Google Play or APK file.
  • You will experience fast downloading with multithread technology.
  • A user-friendly interface makes your download process easier.
  • It has a built-in video player for offline viewing
  • Share your videos easily to some funny videos with your friends from a different social platform.
  • You can extract audio from Facebook videos with AhaSave. 
  • It comes with a download manager for you to organize your video and delete them when you are done watching.
  • You get to choose the video quality of which you would like to download (HD or SD).

Note: Keep intellectual property rights in mind and use downloaded videos only for personal use.

How to use AhaSave Facebook downloader to download Facebook videos from Reuters?

AhaSave FB downloader is very easy to use. Here’s how you can download Facebook videos in two different ways using AhaSave video downloader for Facebook. 

Download by Link

download videos from Reuters Facebook homepage reuters

  • Open Facebook and then your favorite video that you want to download.

download videos from Reuters Facebook copy link

  • Copy the URL of your desired video from Facebook.

download videos from Reuters Facebook

  • Open AhaSave and paste the link from Facebook. 

  • Your download will start automatically.

Download by Built-in Browser

download videos from Reuters Facebook login

  • Log in to Facebook from AhaSave Facebook Downloader browser.

  • Look for the video you need and click on ‘Play.’

Facebook videos will be downloaded automatically on the browser, and you can enjoy the videos in the app anytime.

Download Facebook Videos with AhaSave Today! 

We hope this article serves you well. Now that you know more about Reuters and two ways to download Facebook videos from Reuters using the AhaSave Facebook video downloader do try them out and happy downloading! 

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