How to Download Facebook Videos from Insider?

How to download Facebook videos from Insider? Insider is an independent global online news publication and has its page on Facebook. In this article, learn how to download Facebook videos from Insider. Here on Insider’s Facebook Page, you will get the latest stories you want, with wide coverage of topics from finance, politics, current affairs and more. 

As a fast-growing American media company founded in 2007, Insider is widely known for publishing financial news. In recent years, they have broaden up their content to other areas. Insider’s Facebook page now offers news with different segments such as world news, health news, entertainment news, lifestyle, technology, and many more. The news they provide is unique, interesting, and deeply reported articles. 

Now, the focus of this media house is the younger generation and tech-savvy audience while remaining very popular with its target audience that loves their business and financial news. 

Downloading Facebook Videos from Insider

Stock traders and businessmen like to get updated with business news. However, they might not have the time to watch these news on live. Hence, downloading the news and watch later when they are slightly less occupied would be a better idea. 

After you have downloaded Facebook videos from Insider, you can also share an informative piece of news with your friend and family members to help them grow their businesses. It also offers its followers quick updates on whatever is happening in the world. 

But how can you download Facebook video from Insider to your Android device? Here’s where the AhaSave video downloader for Facebook comes in handy. You can easily download videos, photos, stories with AhaSave Facebook Downloader. Read on to find out how to download Facebook videos so that you can share with your friends and family.

How to Download Facebook Videos from Insider with AhaSave Facebook Video Downloader?

how to download facebook videos from insider guide free downloader

AhaSave has specialized downloaders to download content from different social media platforms. Its unique features made it popular in the field of video downloading. Today we are introducing the specific downloader for Facebook.

AhaSave Facebook video downloader is equipped to download HD videos from the news feed, groups, pages, friends, status, etc.  It saves Facebook videos to the gallery and plays offline. Its user-friendly interface helps you download Facebook videos fast and saves your time. It is very easy to install AhaSave Facebook downloader app; you can easily find them on Google Play or install them via an APK file.

Once you have installed the AhaSave Facebook video downloader, you can start download all types of videos from Facebook. The download process takes just a few seconds and will be on your device to view offline. AhaSave downloader is designed with the latest multithread technology and has all the features that a reliable app should have.

Steps on How to Download Facebook Videos

Method 1:

How to Download facebook Videos from KHOU 11 News for free

Launch ‘AhaSave Facebook downloader for Android’ on your device. 

Browse your Facebook through App and look for the video you want to save. 

Play the video to be saved. AhaSave will auto-detect the Facebook link and initiate a download. Choose your video quality to be downloaded. 

Method 2:

download videos from Reuters Facebook copy link

Search for the video you want to download.

Find the three dots on the top right corner.

Tap to copy the link to the video.  

Paste the link in Ahasave App. 

That’s it, all done. The video will be downloaded in seconds. 

Why Use AhaSave Facebook Downloader?

Now that you know how to download Facebook videos online, be sure to try our free Facebook downloader! There are many good features of AhaSave Free FB Downloader, here are the key features that are our favourites!

Free video downloader, easy to download videos

This easy-to-use and small in size FB downloader supports downloading videos through the link and built-in browser. It is totally free and friendly for Facebook. 

Download Facebook videos fast

Super fast download speed boosted with multi-thread download tech. 

Watch Facebook videos offline

Play offline videos with the built-in video player.

Share with friends

You can easily share downloaded videos with your friends and in groups directly from the app. 

Download HD videos on Facebook

AhaSave has the ability to detect HD video sources and help you download HD videos from Facebook or Facebook lite.

Small size and lite Android video downloader

AhaSave FB video downloader is very light, and it takes less space on your device.

Respect Intellectual Property Rights

It is important to respect intellectual property rights before downloading any content. Due respect should be given to the publisher of the content before downloading any content. It is recommended you take permission before downloading and using their content. 

AhaSave Free Video Downloader

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