How to Download Videos from KHOU 11 News on Facebook?

Want to learn how to download videos from KHOU 11 News? Download videos from KHOU 11 News on Facebook keeps you informed, especially if you are living in Houston, Texas. KHOU 11 News is a local news station in Houston, Texas. The station is affiliated with CBS but owned by Tegna Inc. 

Since KHOU 11 News channel is a CBS affiliate, many of its programs are from the CBS network. However, they are also producing their local news programs, and that is what they are posting on their Facebook pages. 

Why Download Videos from KHOU 11 News on Facebook? 

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Not everybody has the time to catch their favorite local news program. Therefore, it might be a good idea to download videos from KHOU 11 news on Facebook so that you can watch these news programs during your most convenient time. Khou 11’s Facebook page is regularly updated with the videos they have shown in their news programs. 

Aside from getting an update on what is happening in the world and locally, downloading Facebook videos from KHOU 11 News can help you in keeping the information and saving it on your mobile phones. Share the downloaded Facebook videos from KHOU 11 with your friends and keep yourselves informed. 

How to Download Videos from KHOU 11 News on Facebook?

To download videos from KHOU 11 News on Facebook, you must have a Facebook downloader. AhaSave downloader for Facebook is an app for Android where can download Facebook videos for free. This Facebook downloader can download HD videos from Facebook.

Once the Facebook downloader is installed, you can start to download Facebook videos from KHOU 11 News by following these easy steps. 

Method 1: Download Facebook Videos by In-App Browser

How to Download facebook Videos from KHOU 11 News for free

  • Open the Facebook downloader, AhaSave.

How to Download facebook Videos from KHOU 11 News on android

  • Log in to your Facebook account and browse any videos that you want to watch. 

  • Play the video.

Once you play the video, it will be automatically downloaded on your local browser, and you can now enjoy videos from KHOU 11 News.

Method 2: Download Facebook Without Login

How to Download facebook Videos from KHOU 11 News

  • Browse for a video that you like on Facebook that you would want to share.

How to Download Videos from KHOU 11 News on FB

  • Copy the link and open the video downloader AhaSave.

How to Download Videos from KHOU 11 News on Facebook

  • The video will then be saved on your Android device automatically. 

Main Features of Our Free Facebook Video Downloader

AhaSave free FB downloader has many features. Its user friendly interface makes it easy to navigate, which is good for beginners. 

This video downloader for FB can download all types of video, no matter what the file types are. AhaSave is fast in downloading videos or photos from Facebook. With just one click, downloading Facebook videos is easily done via AhaSave. You need not worry about downloading multiple videos and worry about the speed, because the AhaSave Facebook video downloader has a multi-thread download technology. 

AhaSave also has a built-in video player where you can play all the downloaded videos from Facebook offline. This free Facebook video downloader is small and lite which is why you don’t have to worry about your storage. 

After you have downloaded the content using your AhaSave FB downloader, you can now watch the videos offline at any time or anywhere. You could also share these videos with friends just in case they want to watch their favorite program, but they don’t have internet access for a moment. AhaSave can help you in gathering entertaining content around Facebook. 

Get AhaSave and download the Facebook videos that you want. There are no limits to download, as long as your gadget can handle it. This Facebook video downloader is an app that is good to have on your mobile devices. 

Always note that all videos downloaded using AhaSave shall only be for personal use and not suitable for commercial distribution. All intellectual property rights of the videos uploaded on Facebook shall remain to the original content creator. If violated, there shall be an equivalent sanction to those who distribute it illegally. 

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