4 Most Iconic Pop Culture Moments

The term “popular culture” or “pop culture” is a culture based on the taste of ordinary people. It can be art, music, sports or movies, etc. But the thing to understand is that humans make all cultures, but pop culture is different. We make pop culture, and then pop culture makes us.

Like we saw a Hollywood movie that is produced, directed, and even written by humans. But after people watch it, it changes humans and their perspective. Get it? Ok, so now, we will see the most iconic pop culture moments and the best way to download and share those moments with your friends.   

4 Most Iconic Pop Culture Moments

1. Taylor Swift

iconic pop culture moments

This was an amazingly iconic moment for Taylor Swift and her fans (Swifties). It was an award show footage in which Taylor Swift was receiving her award of the best tour. Her speech was truly unbelievable there. She openly slapped media in front of her fans, and everyone was gone mad. The media said that her tour would be a flop and a failure, but afterward, she got an award for that tour.

2. Kanye West

iconic pop culture moments

Kanye is such a crazy guy that he does what he wants. No matter where he is, no matter who is watching him, he is always in his mood. Although his most iconic (not in a good way) moment was the Grammys spat with Taylor Swift, this moment is an endearing one. This was an award show in which Rihanna was performing on the stage. Everyone was enjoying it but sitting still on the chairs. So, Kanye stood up and made others stand up too. It was such a confident and funny kind of moment.

3. Miley Cyrus

iconic pop culture moments

This is footage of “The Tonight Show,” in which a segment is arranged named “Face Off.” In this section, you have to make funny faces that kids have made for you. In simple words, you have to copy the kids. Miley was also asked to do it for her fans, and she did it quite brilliantly. She did her best, and she was looking so funny that everyone could not stop his laugh. That segment showed that Miley is so down to earth and she can do anything for her fans. So, this was probably the funniest and most iconic moment for Miley.  

4. Dwayne Johnson

iconic pop culture moments

So, now it is the time for an iconic and funny moment of Dwayne Johnson. In this video, it can be seen that how Dwayne Johnson could not stop his laugh while watching Kevin Hart featuring him and mimicking him. He is so friendly that instead of getting angry, he started doing the same work with Kevin that Kevin was doing previously. And that was to entertain and make the audience laugh.

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