6 Best News Accounts on Twitter

News accounts on Twitter are probably the best spot online to get to know all that is going on worldwide. The news accounts on Twitter share the most recent world updates that anyone intrigued might want to know. Following these news accounts on Twitter is going to make catching up with news around the world a breeze!

While Twitter is astounding about getting refreshed with the most recent news, it can likewise be tough to tell which sources to trust. Consequently, it is ideal to follow trusted news accounts with genuine news and not get defrauded by fake information on Twitter. 

In this article, we are posting probably the most-followed, generally prestigious and most-reliable news accounts on Twitter that anyone can follow. Kindly note that all the news accounts recorded beneath are true and widely followed by Twitter followers worldwide.

6 Best News Accounts on Twitter

The New York Times @nytimes     

6 Best News Accounts on Twitter

The New York Times is an American paper with its genuine and Twitter impact spread around the world. Their Twitter account covers political news from around the world alongside other significant features. For anybody keen on political news, this is an absolute best-follow Twitter news account.


6 Best News Accounts on Twitter

CNN is an American news-based channel that is the second most following news account on Twitter close to The New York Times. CNN’s Twitter account is an unquestionable requirement for each individual who needs to follow Twitter accounts covering all the breaking news. Their Twitter account likewise covers political, sports, and consistent news stories.

BBC News @BBCWorld

6 Best News Accounts on Twitter

The BBC is a British general help telecaster with central command in London. Their reality Twitter accounts cover their overall news while they likewise have separate Twitter represent their breaking news (BBC breaking), sports (BBC Sports), and some. Their Twitter account has a blend of articles, recordings, and live news refreshes for complete data.

The Wall Street Journal @WSJ

6 Best News Accounts on Twitter

The Wall Street Journal is a US-put-together paper with essential concentration concerning business news. Their Twitter account covers information identified with exchange settlements, organizations, financial exchanges, economic accords, diversion, legislative issues, and assessment articles.

The Washington Post @washingtonpost

6 Best News Accounts on Twitter

Another best American paper on the rundown, The Washington Post, is another best-follow news account on Twitter. Most of their Twitter posts are investigation, viewpoints, and suppositions giving you the itemized spotlight on the news throughout the planet. Follow them to learn better!

The Guardian @guardian

6 Best News Accounts on Twitter

The Guardian is a British everyday paper that was established in 1821. Their Twitter account makes them flabbergast assessment articles on governmental issues, sports, amusement, and business. They also have numerous news pieces revolved around the UK, making it an unquestionable requirement to represent those intrigued by the UK news and political news.

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