6 Best Video Gaming Twitter Accounts to Follow in 2021

Looking for the best Video Gaming Twitter Accounts to follow? With Twitter showing no signs of stopping with its endless amounts of content, the game niche has actively taken up microblogging on Twitter, Facebook, and other social media platforms. Publishers, bloggers, gamers, and developers put up illustrative or just primary gaming content daily on Twitter. However, not all contents are helpful. 

video gaming twitter accounts

Looking for new accounts to follow in the gaming arena can be daunting. You will have to sit down and go through the different accounts and tweets to get a good page. Here is a list of some of the best video gaming Twitter accounts on Twitter that you can look out for the best gaming content. 

6 Best Video Gaming Twitter Accounts



This video gaming Twitter account keeps you up to date with new games within the gaming arena, and the administrator of the page also holds interactive sessions with followers by replying to their tweets. Therefore, if you are a gamer or interested in gaming, their page must be on top of your list. 



The Game Loft is a publisher that deals in mobile and iPhone games. This video gaming Twitter account page primarily deals with customer care and any other announcements concerning games. The Twitter account also has games suggestions that you should add to the collection. 

Naughty Dog 


Naughty Dog is the official account for the developer of the last U.S part 2, which is now available on PS4. The administrator of the video gaming Twitter account interacts with fans and also uploads any gaming news.

N’Gai Croal


He is a columnist who works for Newsweek and tweets about gaming updates and news, among other things.



Your first Twitter stop-over should be on this page when looking for anything related to 360, such as new offers and new Xbox live arcade games. The page also offers support to its clients and followers. 

PlayStation Europe 


They offer promotional tweets of various games from their consoles and reply to gamers’ queries and concerns. 

How to Save Tweets From Video Gaming Twitter Accounts on Your Phone

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Protecting Property Rights

Noteworthy, property rights are essential and can easily be ignored. Therefore as you download the images, ensure they are only for personal use to avoid compromising intellectual property rights. 

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