8 Greatest Baseball Moments in History

Greatest baseball moments make up the reasons sports fans love baseball. Baseball is a game that goes back to 1744, and the game’s forms have remained in place until the current day. The game is played worldwide, with the World Series of Baseball serving as the pinnacle of the sport. However, the game is most prevalent in Canada and North America.

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8 Greatest Baseball Moments in History

Babe Ruth’s called shot

Babe Ruth's called shot greatest baseball moments

One of the greatest baseball moments in the history of the World Series took place on 1932 October 1, in Game 3 of the Fall Classic in 1932. The contest pitted the New York Yankees against the Chicago Cubs, with the Yankees winning the first two matches at Yankee Stadium. Wrigley Field in Chicago hosted Game 3. Babe Ruth’s shot was a very well-debated event in baseball history when Babe Ruth of the New York Yankees strikes a home run in the fifth inning of game 3. During the at-bat, Ruth made a pointing motion, which the available video verifies, but whether he was predicting a home run or gesturing at the crowd or the other side is debatable.

Hank Aaron Breaks Babe Ruth’s Record

Hank Aaron Breaks Babe Ruth's Record greatest baseball moments

Hank Aaron held the home run record for a long time until Barry Bonds beat it in 2007. Aaron had the advantage of not having to answer any questions regarding steroids. He hit so many home runs that he shattered the record of Babe Ruth, one of the sport’s most illustrious figures, who ended his career with 714. He completed his career with 755 home runs and 2,297 RBIs. Aaron was named “Hammering Hank” for a good cause, given the statistics he put up. No moment showed his brilliance more than when he shattered Ruth’s record.

Grover Cleveland Alexander strikes out Tony Lazzeri

Grover Cleveland Alexander strikes out Tony Lazzeri

During the World Series in 1926, veteran St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Grover Cleveland Alexander, in the seventh inning of Game 7, came out of the bullpen to strike Yankees hitter Tony Lazzeri with bases loaded two-out, maintaining a 3-2 lead. The strikeout became his iconic moment as he ended the World Cardinals’ Championship. Alexander’s performance in October, which featured two complete wins against New York, was a big surprise.

Home Run by Kirby Puckett

Home Run by Kirby Puckett greatest baseball moments

Today marks the 20th anniversary of Kirby Puckett’s home run. It was the 11th start of Game 6, with the score tied at 3. Puckett already hit a single, a triple, and a sac fly at the third beginning of the game, making it one of the most incredible captures. This is the home run everybody remembers, and for a good reason. Kirby Puckett’s Game 6 home run was the best in World Series history; and, indeed, one of the greatest baseball moments that you should not miss.

Frank Robinson as a First Black Manager

Frank Robinson as a First Black Manager greatest baseball moments

Frank Robinson broke the color barrier following a Hall of Fame career as the first black manager in the Baseball Major League. Frank Robinson earned his first MVP award with the Reds in 1961 when he hit 37 home runs and set National League records for slugging percentage and on-base plus hitting. In 1966, He was named American League MVP and won baseball’s rare Triple Crown, leading the club in batting average, home runs, and RBI. He was a 12-time All-Star and the 1971 All-Star Game MVP. 

Miracle Mets

miracle mets greatest baseball moments

The 1969 Mets were primed for more miracles after they swept the Braves in the NLCS. The favorites Baltimore Orioles, 4-1, were beaten by Seaver, Ryan, Swoboda, Clendenon, and others in the best-of-seven ranks. This was resulting in the club of Gil Hodges took the first franchise title back to home and would be remembered forever as the Miracle Mets.

Pete Rose breaks All Time Hit Records

Pete Rose breaks All Time Hit Records greatest baseball moments

Pete Rose is among the most polarised sports figures. When he was on the field, he was a baseball master. His career ended with 4256 hits, but his most significant impact was 4192, which broke the record for Ty Cobb. What comes out of Rose since his days hasn’t been good. But he established a new record at this time and made a wonderful memory for fans.

Game 6 Home Runs World Series

Game 6 Home Runs World Series

The 1975 World Series was a classic. There were two World Series that featured home runs for Game 6. In Game 6, Carlton Fisk hit a home run for Red Sox. Boston was unable to defeat the Cincinnati Reds Big Red Machine in Game 7.

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