Best 6 Twitter Meme Accounts 2021

We love Twitter meme accounts! From pop culture references to celebrity fails, Twitter is where you can find some of the best online funny videos and content creators. What are some of your go-to creators on Twitter for memes? Here are our Top 8 Twitter Meme Accounts.

Best 6 Twitter Meme Accounts

The Dark Lord

This account is one of the most popular meme accounts on Twitter. It involves posting contents mainly about the Harry Potter series. It consists of mostly jokes and cynical humor about different characters that were in the movie. 


They post valuable and funny content for each type of individuals, of whatever social backgrounds you are from or who you are. From work situations to teenage problems, all turned into memes to make our lives a bit more bearable.

Shit Girls Say

Who runs the world, GIRLS? This account is run who brilliant-minded girls who collect and pick the most hilarious things to say. They post funny contents about a real-life situation, basically, things that happen daily, and they turn it into memes from make-up tips, fashion and movie series. 

so sad today

@sosadtoday is a meme account created by an unknown woman who literally complains about everything, from daily routines to relationship issues. Some of her thoughts are really fascinating and hilarious. You will be amazed and shocked by some of the situations that she complains about. 


This account is owned by Matthew known, and he publishes funny comic for all to see. He aim to provide entertainment for all to see and read. 


Even though Wendy’s is a fast-food joint, providing delicious foods and a wide variety of sandwiches, they also have a humorous Twitter account. They post memes on foods, situations that happen in the food industries, and other restaurants. They also advertise changes and promotions that occur or are going to happen within their organization. 

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