Best 6 Videos to Understand Cryptocurrency

What is cryptocurrency? Cryptocurrency is a digital or so called ‘virtual’ currency that can be used to buy goods. Cryptocurrency is an internet-based medium with solid cryptography to secure online transactions. It is a form of online payments for interest and services. 

Cryptocurrency works by using blockchain technology. Blockchain is a decentralised technology spread across several computers that record and manage cryptocurrencies’ online transactions. 

Do you know what cryptocurrency’s main feature is? 

cryptocurrency understanding

The most prominent cryptocurrency feature is that any central authority does not control it because of its decentralised nature. The decentralised nature of blockchain makes cryptocurrencies immune to the old ways of government. 

Best 6 Videos that Explain Cryptocurrency

1. Types of cryptocurrencies and their worth

There are more than 6,700 different cryptocurrencies in the market, and bitcoin is the most well-known currency. But there are many other cryptocurrencies present in the market to increase capitalisation. However, most 

cryptocurrencies are designed to decrease the production of money gradually. You will know the types of cryptocurrencies and there worth in the market. 

2. Top 15 cryptocurrencies according to market capitalisation

This video will get to know about the top fifteen cryptocurrencies by market capitalisation tracked by coin market cap, a cryptocurrency data and analysis provider. 

3. Why are cryptocurrencies valuable?

You must be wondering, what is cryptocurrency’s value? When we look at the extensive list of cryptocurrencies and their prices, we always wonder why they are priced differently. There are a variety of reasons behind cryptocurrencies popularity. This video is divided into two main factors that make cryptocurrencies valuable. 

The initial part of the video is based on how cryptocurrency is mined and where it is built. The final and the last portion of the video will guide you about cryptocurrencie’s value. 

4. Are cryptocurrencies a good investment or not?

People contrast cryptocurrency with business so that a well-managed company generates more profitability and cash flow after expansion in its value. However, many cryptocurrencies go up in value, but many investors do not see them as a real investment. Because cryptocurrencies don’t generate any cash 

flow. People get confused if cryptocurrency is suitable for investment or not. This video guides you entirely about whether cryptocurrencies investment is good for you or not. 

5. How to buy cryptocurrency?

You have to create a wallet to buy and sell bitcoin or other currencies. The wallet is an online app that can hold your currency. You have to create an account on an exchange, and then you transfer real money to the cryptocurrency seller to buy cryptocurrency. However, some of the cryptocurrencies like bitcoin are also available for purchase in US dollars. This video will guide you step by step on how you can buy and sell a cryptocurrency. 

6. How you can protect yourself?

Before buying any cryptocurrency, you should follow cryptocurrency security tips. You must know about few things like who owns the company? If you are buying crypto from an identifiable and well-known owner, then it is a good sign. The other important thing you must know about crypto is who are investing in it? These are the few security questions that will secure your cryptocurrency investments. This video covers a few things you can do before investing in cryptocurrency.

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