Best 6 Websites To Watch Movies Online (Free/Paid)

Where can you watch movies online? Movie nights are a great time to chill and unwind after a hefty week. Nothing beats watching your favorite movies right at the comfort of home while binging on your favorite popcorn with your loved ones! It already sounds like an ideal evening! Thus, to make your weekend fun and exciting, here are the top 6 websites that you can choose to watch movies online!

6 Websites to Watch Movies Online (Free/Paid)


Best 6 Websites To Watch Movies Online

Tubi has a collection of thousands of free movies and TV shows that you can stream at zero costs! Even though most of the content at Tubi is free, some of them are only allowed to be rented. There are countless genres to choose from, including your regular rom-com, drama, documentary, kids, comedy, and pretty much anything!

Key features of Tubi:

  • They have movies across all genres, including some unique ones such as Holiday movies, Home &Garden, PreSchool, etc., which is perfect for different moods!
  • They have a “Not on Netflix” section where you get movies that are not even available on Netflix!
  • You can easily filter out the best movies by Features, New Releases, trending Now, etc., and choose your perfect fit!
  • They also have a ‘Kids’ section which is exclusively for kids of various ages. 
  • Most of the movies stream at 1080p.

Some of the movies you can try out are The Butterfly Effect, Full Metal jack, Divergent, etc.



Best 6 Websites To Watch Movies Online

IMDb is the one-stop destination for every movie information and trailer. However, you can also watch movies online on IMDb Tv. Starting from the top-rated ones to the Originals. You get it all here! You’ll just need to register on the website, and you get access to a myriad of options across their database.

Key features of IMDb Tv:

  • The video player is uncluttered and easy to browse.
  • All of the movies and TV shows are completely free
  • It consists of some in-video ads.
  • You can also turn on subtitles for every movie and adjust the way it shows on the screen at your convenience.
  • You can change the video quality every time.

Some of the popular films on IMDb Tv are Star trek, Tooth Fairy, Obsessed, Black Swan, etc.!


Pluto TV

Best 6 Websites To Watch Movies Online

If you are looking for a regular TV vibe along with streaming movies online? Look no further since Pluto TV does just the same! You can either watch on-demand movies streaming on the website where you can pick from a list of choices or watch TV shows when they are available, just like you do for your TV channels! 

Key features of the Pluto TV:

  • Very similar to a regular TV channel guide
  • You can view the schedule for the shows of the entire day.
  • You can either stream old movies or watch them live.
  • They also have an app apart from the website.
  • They have numerous genres to choose from, such as drama, action, horror, etc., on both on-demand and live TV. 
  • You can also view sports music and news.

Some of the on-demand movies you should try on Pluto TVB are Extract, The Time Machine, Grease 2, etc.


Peacock TV

Best 6 Websites To Watch Movies Online

Launched by NBC Universal, Peacock TV offers thousands of hours of movies and TV shows. Some of them are pretty unique and are never available on other websites. Most of the movies available here are from leading studios like Universal, DreamWorks Animation, or Focus Features.

Key features of Peacock TV:

  • Apart from the regular genres, you will also find many unique categories such as Hidden Gems, Written by Women, Cult Corner, and many more!
  • You can enable the subtitles or captions for movies.
  • You need to create a free user account to watch movies online
  • It has an add-free version which is paid. 
  • Most of the movies here are available at 720p.

Some of the trendy movies you can check out here are Apollo 13, Harry Potter, The Town, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Spotless Mind, etc. 



Best 6 Websites To Watch Movies Online

Vudu has both free and paid movies for you to choose from. You just need to put up with some ads while watching them. Nonetheless, they offer various options to choose from at the best quality!

Key features of Vudu:

  • You can filter and sort out movies as per your interests
  • You get all the new movies within the first three days of release
  • You can also buy or rent movies on Vudu
  • The movies are available at both 720p and 1080p.

Some of the greatest hits you can choose to watch on Vudu are Patient, Solace, Exposed, Edge of Salvation, etc.



Best 6 Websites To Watch Movies Online

Popcornflix is another great website to watch movies online! They have a constant flow of new movies added every week into their database. Thus, you can never run out of movies here! The site currently has over 1,500 movies across various genres such as drama, horror, action, documentary movies, romance, etc. 

Key features of Popcornflix:

  • No registration is required.
  • They also have a different site only for streaming kids movies online
  • You can create fun GIFs from the scenes and share them with your friends
  • All of the movies automatically play at the highest quality available.

Some good options to check out at Popcornflix are The Naked Gun, All We Had, The Core, etc.


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