How to Download Songs on Android Without Spotify?

How to download songs on Android without using Spotify? Can you download Spotify songs? Of course, the short answer is No. Spotify is the favorite music app worldwide because you can access content for free by simply signing up from your Gmail ID and password or connecting to your Facebook. Spotify makes music discovery extremely easy while also making it easy to listen to your already love songs. 

Spotify is a freemium service, so you have to subscribe to enjoy music without ads. You can download songs on Android with the app, but that only works for subscription plans. If you are looking for ways to download songs on Android without Spotify for free, and enjoy listening without ads, then read on!

We Love Music!

You might be amazed to know that music is one of the universal ways of expression in human life. Music is all around us, in the daily life of people of all ages and from all cultures worldwide. You might have also noticed that songs affect our emotions in different ways. When we listen to depressing songs, we tend to feel sorry about things that happened to us in the past. When we listen to cheerful songs, we feel more comfortable. Likewise, when we listen to pop songs, we feel more energetic and pumped up. 

Many benefits of music activity have been recognized in recent times. Music sciences have identified several dimensions of human life: cognitive, social, physiological, and emotional, which seem to be positively affected by music. Scientific studies have also proven that music can be a mood regulation tool; major and minor tones can shift from uplifting to melancholy.

What is Spotify?

If you also want to lift your mood in your daily routine and don’t have any reliable app from which you can search for the best songs, don’t worry; Spotify got you back! Spotify is a digital music streaming service that gives people access to millions of songs, podcasts, and videos from artists worldwide. 

Spotify is not just in the music business, but it has also moved into the audio industry because it allows you to add other types of content to the app, such as podcasts.

Spotify’s Simple Pricing

If we were to talk about the pricing of Spotify, then we must say it has a simple pricing model that can explain to anyone. They have two plans: a free and premium plan. You can find differences between Spotify free and premium. It is simply that the free version is ad-supported like radio stations. The free version of Spotify can access on PC, laptop, and mobile phone. If you want a full service, then you might need a Spotify premium subscription that gives you complete control over your music, offline downloading, and allows you to share it with family potentially, making it very easy for you to download Spotify songs. 

Download MP3 Songs Online with AhaSave Downloader

There are several songs on Spotify that you cannot download for various reasons. One of them is that you don’t have a premium subscription to download Spotify songs. The other reason is that some artists or creators on Spotify do not want their Spotify content downloaded or redistributed. Hence, they set it so that downloading Spotify songs are not possible in that case. If you want to download songs on Android without Spotify straight to your phone, and have the ability to play them offline, feel free to try out AhaSave Downloader.

Guide to How to Download Songs on Android Without Spotify

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how you can download songs on Android without Spotify with our simple downloader app series on Google Play.

1. Install AhaSave

Download Songs on Android ahasave google play

Install and launch AhaSave free video downloader for Andriod, which is easy to install from Google Play or APK File on our website here.

AhaSave is not your ordinary video downloader. It supports many formats, including MP3, MP4, m4a, etc., allowing you to download songs on Android, along with videos and more in various format and quality.

2. Search song with a built-in browser

Download Songs on Android in-app ahasave browser

Now browse popular songs and music website such as Soundcloud, Facebook or more to download with AhaSave’s built-in browser. Click the ‘Download’ button. AhaSave will auto-detect the link and download the song quickly to your phone. You can download songs in various formats as AhaSave supports most the structures, including MP3, MP4, m4a, etc. 

3. Export and share

Once you are done downloading your favourite songs, share and export them freely with your friends, family, or another platform. This can be done easily by direct sharing from our app.

4. Store downloads in local device browser

The Spotify songs you have to download will be store in your local device storage so you can organize your playlist in alphabetical order, favorites, or any other way you want.  

5. Enjoy songs offline

Download Songs on Android in-app ahasave player

Enjoy listening to your songs offline any time, anywhere. The downloaded song can also be played on the in-built player in the app. This is perfect when some songs are not available on Spotify, Apple Music, and other streaming services.

Reminder to Respect Intellectual Property Rights

It’s crucial to understand that the intellectual property rights and any other interest of the content on the platform from where you want to download content belong to its publishers only. We should respect the publishers’ legitimate rights and interests and recommend obtaining permission before downloading and using the content. Also, indicate the content source when using it on any other platform and download the content for your personal use.

Download and Extract Free Music on Android!

Get AhaSave today to download music videos, popular Spotify songs, and play them offline! Celebrate with your favourite music with AhaSave and download music that you love.

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