How to View Instagram Stories Anonymously

If you are finding a way to view Instagram stories anonymously, you have entered the right page. Everyone has probably stalked another Instagram account at some point in their lives, and everybody has a different reason for doing it. Well, there’s nothing creepy about stalking one’s Instagram account. It’s only creepy if you get caught, isn’t it?

So, how do you watch and view Instagram stories anonymously without them realizing you’re spying on them? Here’s where the Instagram story viewer function of AhaSave Downloader for Instagram comes in handy.

What is AhaSave Instagram Downloader?

AhaSave downloader for Instagram is a free Instagram downloader for Android. AhaSave allows you to download photos and videos from Instagram with a few simple steps. You can save and download Instagram without login using AhaSave IG Downloader.

What can be downloaded or viewed using the AhaSave Instagram Downloader?

With AhaSave IG downloader, you can view and download photos and videos from Instagram feeds, stories, highlights, reels, and IG TV, along with their captions, hashtags, and URL. 

Can I watch and download Instagram photos/videos from someone else’s account anonymously?

Yes, Instagram Story Viewer is a NEW feature of AhaSave Instagram Downloader, allowing you to view Instagram anonymously! 

Not only can you view Instagram posts and stories anonymously, you can also download stories and posts from these accounts using AhaSave. However, for private accounts, you’ll have to make sure the account owner has approved you to be their follower. This method won’t work if the Instagram user you’re trying to stalk has blocked your account

Why would you want to view Instagram stories anonymously?

Knowing how to view Instagram story and post secretly can be very useful for a variety of reasons.

View Instagram stories anonymously for Business

  • Conduct Instagram marketing research. Before engaging an influencer for a campaign, you may want to perform anonymous research by creeping into their account and view Instagram stories without leaving a trace. 
  • Gather evidence of business plagiarism. If you suspect someone might have stolen your content, you may want to gather evidence from the competitor’s Instagram account by using an Instagram viewer like AhaSave. 
  • Conduct research on your business competitor. To get new ideas and obtain a source of information, use AhaSave Instagram Viewer to view Instagram stories without leaving a trace on your competitor’s account. 

View Instagram stories anonymously for Personal

  • Creep a crush that you are too shy to confront. Get to know more about your crush without even talking to them face to face. You can view Instagram posts and stories anonymously by creeping into their account.
  • Keeping tabs on an ex-partner that you couldn’t get over. It might take a long time to move on from a relationship. If you cannot resist the urge to find out how’s your ex is doing, this is where AhaSave Instagram Viewer comes in handy.
  • Keeping up with a former best friend that you can’t find the courage to talk to again. Sometimes it is really awkward to say anything to someone you have not met for a very long time. By viewing their Instagram Story anonymously, you catch up with what and how they are doing recently.  
  • Investigate your partner privately. If you suspect that your partner might be cheating on you, conduct a private investigation and gather evidence by watching and downloading their Insta story anonymously.
  • Gather records of public slander. If you are being publicly slandered by someone, you can retain a discreet record of the offensive content on their Instagram story without alerting the account owner.

How to view Instagram stories anonymously with AhaSave?

Here’s how AhaSave’s Instagram story viewer works.

login instagram story viewer anonymously

  • Open the AhaSave app and sign in with your Instagram account details.
  • Search for the Instagram account you’re trying to stalk and view Instagram stories anonymously.

View Instagram Stories Anonymously

  • In order to view Instagram stories anonymously, you will first need to download any feed post once from that particular account.

  • Once you have download the post, the account will appear under the ‘Frequently visited’ column.

  • From here, you can find all the feed posts, stories, and highlights from accounts you have previously downloaded.

  • You can now watch Insta story anonymously within the AhaSave gallery. Your name will not show up in their Insta Stories viewer list! 

  • You can also download their Instagram account contents from here. It takes only one click to download a single photo or video, or you may select multiple to download in batch!

How can I download Instagram videos and photos with AhaSave?

For single content

Method 1: Share Link to AhaSave

  1. Browse the Instagram post or video you’d like to download
  2. Tap on  ⋮  , choose “Share to”
  3. Pick AhaSave Downloader for Instagram to start the download!

Method 2: Copy and Paste Link

  1. Browse the Instagram post or video you’d like to download
  2. Tap on  ⋮  , choose “Copy Link”
  3. Paste the content link to AhaSave to start the download!

For multiple contents: Use batch download function

  1. First, you need to download from the Instagram account at least once.
  2. After the first successful download, tap on the four-square ⊞  icon on the right bottom of the account.

View Instagram Stories Anonymously

  1. Alternatively, you can visit their profile under the ‘Frequently visited’ column within the AhaSave app.
  2. You can now see all the posts and stories that are available to download.
  3. Pick multiple contents under the post or story tab, and download them all at once!

What else can I do it AhaSave Instagram Downloader?

You can easily ‘Repost’ to Instagram, directly ‘Share’ to other social media platforms, or ‘Copy text‘ from the downloaded content within the AhaSave app. You can find all the downloaded stories and posts in the AhaSave Download Manager at the top right corner of the homepage.

Respecting Intellectual Property Rights

It is crucial to understand intellectual property rights and interests. Do keep in mind that every video, photo, IG story, reels on any social networking site belongs to its publishers or owners. We respect such legitimate rights and interests. Downloaded Instagram content should only be meant for private usage and not be violated in any way. We recommend that you obtain permission first before redistributing the content.

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