Top 4 NBA Moments in History

Do you know that NBA was founded in 1946, and then its name was formerly BBA (Basketball Association of America)? NBA is an accomplished basketball league of North America, including 30 franchises. Twenty-nine franchises are from America, while one is from Canada. With such rich history, it means that NBA is an immensely popular league, so it must have many memorable moments.

Top 4 NBA Moments

Here, we are presenting you with Top NBA moments. Moreover, you will get to know where you can find these moments and how you can download them on your device. So, let’s get straight into it!

1.   The Highest-Scoring Game

Top 4 NBA Moments in History

The highest-scoring game of the NBA was played during the 1983-84 season on December 13, 1983. The best teams, Pistons, and Nuggets played that game so exceptionally that no one was letting other wins. But at last, “Pistons” stole the game from Nuggets’ hands. It was a high-scoring game but not a one-sided game. Both teams tried their best, and the final score was 186-184. “Pistons” won that blinder of the games by a lead of just two points.

2.   All-Time Leading Run-Scorer

Top 4 NBA Moments in History

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar the name that will always be in the mind of every basketball fan. He is one of the best basketball players of all time. On April 5, 1984, Kareem was playing for Los Angeles Lakers and that was the day when he became the all-time leading run-scorer of the NBA. On that day, he passed the basketball champion Wilt Chamberlain to get the no. 1 spot on NBA’s all-time leading scorer list.

3.   NBA All-Star Game

Top 4 NBA Moments in History

The first-ever all-star game of the NBA was played on March 2, 1951. This game was played at the Boston Garden. So, it is not a single moment, but it is a great initiative that took the NBA to another level of success. In 2020, Team LeBron won the all-star game against Team Giannis. Team LeBron won that match by 157-155 and earned $300,000. 

4.   Milwaukee Bucks’ Day of Life

Top 4 NBA Moments in History

October 31, 1971, was the best of Milwaukee Bucks’ in NBA because they beat Los Angeles Lakers. Well, that day was special because the Lakers were not ordinary those days. The Lakers were winning every game those days. They won 33 games in a row and Bucks ended that streak of 33 games. As a player of the Bucks, Kareem Abdul Jabbar scored 39 points and 20 rebounds. Hence, Bucks won that game by 120-104.

How to get Top NBA moments from the internet?

Not getting NBA moments on the internet? Don’t worry! Just stay tuned till the end.

Well, it is not a difficult job to do. You can easily watch NBA moments on the official website of the NBA. Moreover, you can also get NBA moment videos from different platforms like Facebook and Instagram. So, go there to watch them.

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