Top 5 Documentaries You Must Watch

Many have been hooked on watching documentaries these days. Gone are the days that people think of documentaries as dreadful to watch because it is boring. These days, the production of documentaries has elevated and has captured audiences of different ages. 

Since the pandemic happened, people have probably watched most of the movies on whatever movie streaming platform they have. So if you are exploring different options, we suggest that documentaries would be a good place to start. Why? Because documentaries are interesting and full of surprising facts. Although some documentaries might not suit the taste of others, we have so many options to choose from these days. 

5 Must-Watch Documentaries

When We Were Kings


This award-winning documentary captures the behind-the-scenes of the legendary fight of Muhammad Ali and George Foreman. This is a must-watch show for a sports enthusiast, as it shows the heart and soul of the two legends in boxing. 

March of the Penguins


We have never expected that a documentary about nature could be so heartwarming. Narrated by Morgan Freeman, this documentary about penguins is dubbed as one of the best nature documentaries today. 


You might want to check the documentary of Alex Honnold’s climb to El Capitan of Yosemite National Park if you enjoy adventure or outdoor activities. This documentary shows how Honnold survives climbing the treacherous mountain without any protective gear in him. 

Paris is Burning


Paris is burning tackles the 1980s ballroom scene, which focuses on the lives of the performers. Diving deep into the realities of a drag queen performer during these times, see how these people live in New York.



This is a documentary about Amy Winehouse. We have seen how Amy Winehouse has paved her way into the music industry at a young age. However, this documentary reveals the other side of the star that we love to learn about. 

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