Top 5 E-Sports Accounts to Follow on Twitter

E-sports (Electronic Sports) are getting viral day by day. The market revenue of E-sports was 947.1 million US dollars worldwide, and it is anticipated that these numbers will increase to 1617.7 million US by 2024. In 2021, China has got the largest E-sports market with a revenue of 360.1 million US dollars.

The popularity of E-sports has gone out of reach. E-sports has now started trending on Twitter for the last few years. So, here we are to present you with top E-sports accounts to follow on Twitter. First, let’s check out what are E-sports!

What is E-sports?

Top 5 E-sports Accounts to Follow on Twitter

E-sports (Electronic Sports) are competitions of video games that are played worldwide. This can be any video game. It is just a matter of sponsors. First, a company takes the initiative and calls in some sponsors. Then, gamers gather in a specific place and then the joy begins.

Championships of video games also take place worldwide to promote E-sports. Mostly, battle royale video games are played in E-sports. E-sports is so popular that the International Olympic Committee discusses whether or not they should include E-sports in Olympics. Who knows, we might be able to watch E-sportsmen performing in Olympics in the future?

Top 5 E-Sports Accounts on Twitter

Whether you are new to E-sports or you’re already a long time E-sport fan, these are some of the top E-sports accounts on Twitter that you must follow. 

1. Michal Blicharz

Top E-sports accounts on Twitter

Michal is the VP product developer at ESL. ESL is the world’s biggest E-sports organization. Moreover, he is an expert in Judo, E-sports and pro gaming. He has got 43.9k followers on Twitter.

2. Sean Plott

Top E-sports accounts on Twitter

Sean can give you a lot of advice if you are an E-sports lover. Many people know him due to his online alias Day[9]. He has 227.1k followers on Twitter. He is a very popular E-sports account and commentator who is famous for StarCraft 2 commentary. Unfortunately, there are very few E-sports championships and tournaments in which he did his job as a commentator.

3. Jorien van der Heijden

Top E-sports accounts on Twitter

She is a Deutch host, interviewer, commentator, and analyst. She is truly multi-talented because she started herjourney with GosuGamers as a worker. Jorien has got 127.4k followers on Twitter. She knows everything about Dota 2and pro gaming.

4. Erik DoA Lonnquist

Top E-sports accounts on Twitter

If you are watching for someone who will become a great E-sports personality, you should definitely follow this account. Erik is a one-person army. He is an E-sports chameleon, wandering gamer, caster/host, and street sharks enthusiast. He has 82.9k followers on Twitter, and the numbers are growing because he is so talented.

5.   Shaun Clark

Top E-sports accounts on Twitter

Shaun has been playing E-sports since 2005. His hard work paid him and he is now a pro gaming commentator. Shaun was the leader of the team that stood first in the contest named 2007 World Cyber Gamers. He has got 54.5k followers on Twitter.

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