Top 5 Most Dramatic F1 Moments

Known as the Formula 1 or more commonly as F1, it is an international auto racing sports competition. It is considered the highest level of an open-wheel, a single-seat motor racing contest where players from all over the world would participate in this competition. There are specified rules that every participant and automobile have to obey. In the F1 Championship, there is a series of races known as Grands Prix.

Here are the top 5 F1 drivers:
Daniel Ricciardo
Nicholas Latifi
Charles Leclerc
Lewis Hamilton
Nikita Mazepin

As this is a fast driving contest, severe accidents do happen and it can cost many lives. About 52 drives drivers have met their death during these accidents, and the first one was Cameron Earl in 1952.

Here are the top 5 dramatic moments of 2021 that shocked us the most:
US Grand Prix 2005
Singapore Night Grand Prix 2008
Lewis Hamilton World Championship 2008
Verstappen’s Monaco GP Win 2021
Sebastian Vettel’s Staunch Defense – 2018 Bahrain Grand Prix

US Grand Prix 2005

There was a ridiculous scene in 2005 at US Grand Prix where fans could not enjoy a good race. The tire manufacturer, Michelin, was embarrassed because they could not provide safe tires for this race. In the F1 Championship, a chicane was installed on the corner to slow down the cars from skidding. However, Ferrari Tod refused and argued that if installing a chicane is necessary on the vehicle, it was better to cancel the race, ultimately leading to this accident.

Singapore Night F1 Grand Prix 2008

The international media praised the Grand Prix highly as a spectacular event that maintained the revenue from different sources like TV broadcasts and F1’shome markets in Europe.

Lewis Hamilton F1 World Championship 2008

Fans of McLaren and Lewis Hamilton would always found this race interesting as all the records were broken. We can say that this was the Championship of the year due to its memorable points. In this race, Hamilton was seven points ahead of Massa, so there was a chance that Brazilians will win the race and Hamilton finish at sixth. It was a tight competition between Massa and Hamilton and in the end, Hamilton held on to win the Championships.

Verstappen’s Monaco GP Win 2021

Viewers’ favourite, Charles Leclerc, suffered a loss before the Monaco Grand Prix began on Sunday and Monegasque was distraught. In the end, Max Verstappen drove to his first-ever Monaco victory and lead of drivers’ Championship.

Sebastian Vettel’s Staunch Defense – 2018 Bahrain Grand Prix

This year was a big year for Ferrari as well as Mercedes. They both had a more powerful and more efficient engine with aerodynamic parts. Vettel stepped in to defend Lewis Hamilton after being confronted about his comment after the 2018 Bahrain Grand Prix.

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