Top 5 Must-Follow News Account on Twitter

The trend of reading and downloading news articles online has been increasing in the UK. In 2007, there were only 20% of British people reading and downloading news online. However, these numbers have increased to 70% in 2020. The trend of reading news online has increased tremendously over the past 10 years, and until now, it is still growing.

Starting off as a microblogging social network media, Twitter has now evolved to being one of the biggest platform for breaking news.  It is now the most popular source of news on the internet. If you want to keep up with the latest news, these are some must-follow news account on Twitter that will share some breaking news from time to time.

5 Must-Follow News Account on Twitter

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CNN Breaking News @cnnbrk

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Want to keep up with all the breaking news happening worldwide? You must follow the CNN Breaking News account on Twitter. 61 million people trust CNN as a news source and are following them on Twitter to get the latest breaking news.

BBC Breaking News @BBCBreaking

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As the name suggests, it’s all about breaking news. BBC is a vast network. It has different channels for different countries to make sure that everyone gets access to the latest news. This is the reason why BCC Breaking News currently has 47.8 million Twitter followers.

The New York Times @nytimes

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This account has around 49.9 million followers on Twitter. While it is named ‘New York Times’, do not be mistaken because it shares more than just news about New York. You will also get global news by following this account.


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As evident from its name, this news network shares all the breaking news whenever it is released. This is the reason why they have a substantial number of followers, which is around 18.1 million on Twitter.

The Economist @TheEconomist

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This account is not limited to the field of economy. This news network will also give you news and analysis of information from different perspectives. They have around 25.6 million followers on Twitter and you can be a part of them by following their account.

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