Top 5 US Political Scandals

What’s the craziest US Political Scandals news? With globalisation and growing interconnectedness, the world is always watching the US in terms of politics, as they have economic implications. But still, some stunning US political scandals shook the country now and then. Sometimes, even presidents were blamed, or even on the verge of impeachment.

Let’s discuss our top 5 US political scandals, ranked in no particular order.

Top 5 US Political Scandals


Top 5 US Political Scandals

The story of this scandal started in 1972 when five men entered the Democratic national committee’s headquarters in Washington D.C.’s Watergate complex on June 17. The American president of that time, Richard M. Nixon, was accused of being involved in that incident. Eventually, the case was gone to court. The case extended to 1974 and after two years, Nixon had to become the first-ever American president to resign from office.

Paid Elections

Top 5 US Political Scandals

Well, it is a recent scandal. It happened between the election cycles of 2016 and 2018. Some Russian and other foreign actors and influencers used social media to change the result of U.S. elections. In 2018, 1.79 billion U.S. dollars were spent on digital political ads on social media in America. H.R. 1 took action on it and did some work so that fewer people saw those ads. They firstly targeted Facebook so that they can prevent foreign actors from showing digital political ads.

Teapot Dome

Top 5 US Political Scandals

It is an old but very slanderous scandal of all time in the U.S. This hugely serious matter started in 1921 when the secretary of President Warren G. Harding became a traitor. She accepted thousands of dollars from a private company. And she handed over oil reserves of Navy Wyoming known as Teapot Dome to that private company. That is how she became the first-ever cabinet secretary to go to any prison due to her traitorous act.

Donald Trump’s Refusal

Top 5 US Political Scandals

When Donald Trump was President of America, he refused to show his tax returns publically. His refusal started spreading like wildfire. Everyone started making rumors about Trump. Some people were saying that Trump was an agent of any other country and he came here to ruin the U.S., While other people said otherwise. Still, they all did not know the real truth behind that refusal. And still, no one knows what that refusal meant was.

Crédit Mobilier

Top 5 US Political Scandals

This scandal took place in 1867. Crédit Mobilier is a company that was hired to build Union Pacific Railroad. And for that, this company had full federal support, including President Ulysses S. Grant, vice president, and other congress members. The scandal was held in 1867, but it came in front of everyone in 1872 when Grant was not President of America. That incident was so scandalous because this company was building a transcontinental railroad by fooling the president and all congress members.    

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