Top 6 Facts VS Myths Debunked

Here are some myths debunked! We all hear statements almost every day, but how do you know if they are indeed a fact, or they’re just simply myths?  Many people take it for granted that a statement is most likely a “fact” if it sounds logical. Today, we are going to look at some health-related myths that we hear very often, which are commonly mistaken as a fact. Is that a fact or a myth? So, let’s check them out!

Top 6 Facts VS Myths Debunked

1. Eating Garlic Prevents COVID-19?

fact or myths debunked

Many people think that they can fight with Coronavirus with the help of garlic. Well, it is one of the persistent myths debunked. Sadly, a survey shows that 34% of Indians and 14% of South Africans believe that eating garlic prevents Covid-19. Let’s not fall into this trap and make sure you follow the proper SOPs to avoid getting infected.

2. Cholesterol is not good.

fact or myths debunked

Well, in many cooking oil advertisements, it is shown that cholesterol is bad for health. But do you know it is not true? It is a “Myth”.

Cholesterol plays a vital role in the hormone production of our body. Hence, we need to have an adequate amount of cholesterol in our body. However, if we have too much cholesterol than what is required, it might do more harm than good. Always keep in mind that “Excess of everything is bad”. Cholesterol itself isn’t harmful, but the amount of cholesterol is the main aspect we should focus on. 

3. Starving can make you lose weight.

fact or myths debunked

Many people suggest that starving is the best way to lose weight. This is also a “Myth”.

Eating too little is a bad idea because there’s a minimum amount of calories you should take to maintain your lean mass. Researches show if you go below that minimum amount, it will reduce your metabolism rate, lean muscle and bone density, making your body harder to lose weight. In conclusion, a starvation diet has far-reaching negative effects on your body, and it definitely doesn’t help you lose weight.

4. Coffee is harmful to children.

fact or myths debunked

We have been hearing for decades that we shouldn’t let our children drink coffee. It can be dangerous for their health. Again, this is another “Myth”.

The myth is all about “Caffeine”. It states that caffeine can cause deficiency of vitamin D and eventually can stop the growth of bones. Caffeine does not have this kind of effect on children’s bodies. In short, caffeine does not provide any good for children, neither does it cause harm to their body. 

5. Bottled water is better.

fact or myths debunked

We often hear that we should drink bottled water instead of tap water. This is actually a “Myth”.

In places where clean water sources are accessible, tap water and bottled water are comparable in terms of quality and healthiness. In some countries, tap water might be even safer as it is usually tested more frequently compared to bottled water. Another factor to consider is that bottled water is more likely to be contaminated by microplastic particles if we were to compare it to tap water. So, it is wrong to assume that all bottled water is definitely cleaner, healthier or safer than tap water.

6. Cold and wet weather is the real cause of flu and cold.

fact or myths debunked

Our parents and older generations always warn us that winter will bring flu and cold, even some television programs show advertisements that promote this idea. This is actually one of the popular myths debunked.

Actual flu and cold are caused by viruses. However, it is also not good to roam outside during winter, and wet weather unprotected as it can cause hypothermia and frostbites. So, it makes sense that our elderlies at home forbid us to go out when it’s cold out there, even though it actually has nothing to do with flu. 

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Facts or Myths Debunked?

As funny as it seems, these myths are very misleading and can cause death if we do not take them seriously. Imagine a person believing that eating garlic could get him immune to the Covid-19 virus, ditches all the SOPs like facemask, handwashing and social distancing. That could be really dangerous and turns out really bad. It’s important to have harmful myths debunked!

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