Top 6 Funniest K-Dramas of All Time

Who doesn’t love the funniest K-Dramas? We have seen our fair share of K-Dramas that are excessively dramatic, sad. But sometimes, we want a good laugh, so we opt for one that will make us laugh out loud. Brighten up your day during this pandemic, by watching the funniest K-dramas is definitely a good choice. K-dramas have a way of bringing out humour to make the viewer laugh even in the darkest of dramas, as you will always find something to laugh about. 

With several funny films out there, it may be daunting for you to choose which one will achieve the agenda of giving you a good laugh, especially since we all have a different sense of humor. It isn’t delightful to invest your time in a series meets your expectations. Here are some of the funniest K-dramas you need to catch up with. 

6 Funniest K-Dramas of All Time

The Sound of Your Heart 

Top 6 Funniest K-Dramas of All Time

If slapstick is your schtick, you will probably enjoy this one. The series is a webtoon starring Lee Kwang-soo and Jung So-min. The humor in this film is a little over the top as it follows the hilarious escapades of Cho Seok, his wife Aebong, and the entire Cho Seok’s funny family. 

Secret Garden 

Top 6 Funniest K-Dramas of All Time

Secret Garden is a pleasant fantasy comedy starring Ha Ji-won (Gil Ra-im) playing the role of a stuntwoman and Hyun Bin (Kim Juwon) taking up the part of the CEO of a department store. Things take a different twist as the two characters switch their characters; a breeding romance is developed through begrudging but sweet. 

A Gentleman’s Dignity 

Top 6 Funniest K-Dramas of All Time

The film is about the life of 4 men who have been great friends since they were eighteen years and are in their forties. The film follows through with their lifestyle, including their failures and successes. The film takes a twist where a small boy comes to town claiming that one of the men is his biological father. It is hilarious, and you will definitely have a good laugh. 

Welcome to Waikiki

Top 6 Funniest K-Dramas of All Time

An amusing and entertaining drama featuring three men who start up a guests house named Waikiki for foreigners to reside at. Their lives change for the worst when a mother and baby come to stay at the guest house. This K-drama is hilarious and fun; it’s a definite must-watch. 

Master’s Sun 

Top 6 Funniest K-Dramas of All Time

The drama in this film takes off when So Ji-sub (Joo Joong-won), who plays the role of a hotel CEO, crosses paths with Gong Hyo-jin (Tae Gong-shil), a young woman can is traumatized after an accident and can see ghosts. The CEO urges her to use the ability to see ghosts to help him recover a fortune he lost. If you’re looking for a film with a dark sense of humor, this is the film for you to grab some popcorn and lose yourself in it. 

Modern Farmer 

Top 6 Funniest K-Dramas of All Time

The modern farmer is worth your time. In this eccentric drama, members of a rock band opt-out of their fast-paced lives and move to a rural town to develop farming. One of the band members, his first love, lived in that rural town.

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