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The NFL Twitter accounts streaming agreement is intriguing because it enables mobile viewers to watch NFL games anywhere, on a well-suited platform to online discussion. Whether we’re watching a sports event on TV or trying to get through the monotony of a workday, Twitter is always there, giving us the information we need and the color we desire. Twitter reigns supreme among social media networks for those interested in news and discussion. Twitter has something for everyone, whether you’re a draught nut, a pro football junkie, or a die-hard Xs and Os lover. 

If you’re a fan of the NFL, Twitter is a necessity. Twitter has all of the great news and updates about your favorite sport or team. You may get valuable NFL information from the following NFL Twitter accounts. 

Top 7 NFL Twitter Accounts To Follow


7 NFL Twitter Accounts to Follow

Let’s begin with the evidence: the official NFL Twitter account, where you can get commentary and league news about this game, as well as updates and highlights. At the time of the game, keep an eye on the hashtags #SuperBowlLV and #SBLV.


7 NFL Twitter Accounts to Follow

Suppose you are a lover of statistics and history or both; you may discover lots of fascinating NFL facts and tidbits about each team here. NFL Research has lately broken several interesting historical tidbits about the publication of the NFL schedule. This account is one of the best NFL Twitter accounts. 


7 NFL Twitter Accounts to Follow

Chad Ochocinco is an obvious pick since he was a pioneer in the usage of Twitter between NFL players. We’ve gotten used to Ochocinco’s amusing antics, from his many touchdown celebrations to his dubious name change from “Johnson” to “Ochocinco.” That’s the reason why Ochocinco has over 3 million Twitter followers. And if you keep stalking him long enough, he might fly you in for a football game and some free stuff.


7 NFL Twitter Accounts to Follow

Joe Bussell eventually exposed himself after being anonymous several months after this broadcast started. He had previously been working with the Buccaneers operations department. He grew this account into one of the most knowledgeable NFL tweeters you could expect to follow. He has a full-time job, yet every week he manages time to watch tape hours. 


7 NFL Twitter Accounts to Follow

Bowen spent 7 seasons in the NFL as a safety for the Rams, Packers, Redskins, and Bills. He has since used his game knowledge to write for the Chicago Tribune and Bleacher Report. If you want technical feedbacks and someone to explain why specific schemes worked against this package, Bowen is the guy for you. 


7 NFL Twitter Accounts to Follow travelle gaines

If you are looking for exercise ideas and discover where and how your favorite players are getting ready for the seasons, you would definitely want to follow this Twitter account. Mr. Gaines, the famous trainer, trains the best of the best in the NFL.


7 NFL Twitter Accounts to Follow Evan silva

Silva is a necessity if you want the NFL news covering national, fantasy, and draught soccer.

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