Top 8 Dancers on Instagram

Are you seeking dance inspiration? Dancers on Instagram are inspirations for others to perform their crafts. One excellent way to get inspired is by seeing some of your favourite dancers on social media. Instagram has provided a platform for dances to be showcased in front of the world, and it is a well-spring of inspiration for dancers of all ages.

Here are the top 8 profiles that dancers must follow on Instagram for inspiration.

Top 8 Dancers on Instagram

Jojo Gomez

Followers: 1.4 million

Instagram: @jojogomezxo

Top 8 Dancers on Instagram

Gomez is trained in many styles of dance. She constantly takes part in dance competitions and learns best from the industry. She also performed on TV shows like The Voice, America’s Got Talent. She posts her dance videos on her YouTube account.

Kyle Hanagami

Followers: 1.6 million

Instagram: @kylehanagami

Top 8 Dancers on Instagram

Hanagami has worked on several TV shows like X-Factor, ABC’s Sing Your Face Off, and more. He has been teaching for years and has reached millions of subscribers on YouTube. 

Kaelynn KK Gobert-Harris

Followers:  859k

Instagram: @kaelynnharris

Top 8 Dancers on Instagram

Kaelynn, a.k.a Kay Kay, started dancing at the age of 5. She is primarily self-taught. She began performing on professional dance teams for the Entertainment Basketball League and WNBA as she grew up.

Tricia Miranda

Followers: 344k 

Instagram: @1triciamiranda

Top 8 Dancers on Instagram

Tricia has a considerable number of YouTube subscribers. She has been a dance instructor for more than a decade. Thousands of talented dancers line up to get in her class.

Taylor Hatala

Followers: 1.3 million

Instagram: @tayd_dance

Top 8 Dancers on Instagram

Taylor took her first ballet and tap classes at the age of 3. At the age of 6, she got into jazz, hip hop, and ballet. She shot a few dance videos with top choreographers who already have tremendous fans. Since then, she has been sharing her dancing videos, trying to inspire others as well. 

Anze Skrube

Followers: 75k

Instagram: @anzeskrube

Top 8 Dancers on Instagram

Anze has had a professional dance career from the age of 15. He is the creator of the “Maestro” crew that won multiple champions titles. He also worked as a creative choreographer at European award shows. At the age of 20, he has performed alongside Meghan Trainor, Justin Timberlake, Chris Brown, and Prince. He has choreographed 150 TV performances in the past few years and became one of the most popular after European choreographers.

Jake Kodish

Followers: 311k

Instagram: @jakekodish

Top 8 Dancers on Instagram

Jake is famous because of his signature popping and contemporary hip-hop. He began training in all forms of dance at the age of 12. Jake also has danced in the film Step Up four and toured with pop superstar Taylor Swift on her 1989 tour. 

Yanis Marshall

Followers: 1.1 million

Instagram: @yanismarshall

Top 8 Dancers on Instagram

French choreographer and dancer Yanis is famous for his fierce, and sharp moves in heels. He got into the finals of Britain’s Got Talent in 2014 alongside his colleagues. Since then, he has been touring the world and teaching in Argentina, Mexico, Russia, China, the United States of America, Canada, Brazil, and many more countries.

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