Top 8 YouTube Alternatives

Looking for YouTube Alternatives? YouTube is the most popular online video sharing and social media platform owned by Google. Users around the world can watch more than one million hours of YouTube videos. YouTubers across the globe uploads over one hundred hours of content per minute. YouTube was launched by Steve Chen, Chad Hurley, and Jawed Karim. 

YouTube help users to watch, comment, share and upload videos. Users can also access YouTube from desktop, P.C.s, mobiles and tablets. The only thing you need to get access to YouTube is a Gmail account to view protected videos. However, if someone breaches the rules of YouTube, YouTube will disable their account without any further delay.

YouTube has also introduced its premium subscription service for just $11.99 per month. The service was initially launched on November 14, 2014, as Music Key, which offers only advertisement-free streaming of music videos on YouTube and Google Play Music. The YouTube premium services include

  • The new YouTube Music: advertisement free, with background listening and downloads.
  • More extensive and original series and movies 

8 Best YouTube Alternatives 

YouTube is a widely used platform worldwide, but advertisements that pop up after playing any video are cringing now. Users have to wait for almost 10 to 15 seconds to watch the video. But don’t worry, we have got you some best alternatives to YouTube for you can enjoy your video without any hassle. 

Here is the list of top alternatives to YouTube. The list contains both free access and commercial (paid) software. 

1. Dailymotion

YouTube alternatives

Dailymotion is the strong competitor of YouTube that enables us to watch videos online. Dailymotion helps you to download videos for later use and also allows you to organize your playlist by categories and topics. 

Features Offered by Dailymotion: 

  • You can watch news, sports, music videos and entertainment without any hassle. 
  • Allows you a library to store and view your favourite videos.
  • It shows you a real-time list of trending topics
  • Dailymotion has an HML 5 video player and speech algorithm, which increase the viewing experience
  • Supported in both Android and iOS.


2. Vevo

YouTube alternatives

 Vevo is also the best alternative to YouTube, which helps us to watch videos with ease. It allows you to leave your reviews, follow channels, and share them on any social media website. This application also offers music videos and original web series. 

Features Offered by Vevo:

  • It provides a storehouse of music videos.
  • Offers high definition content
  • You will automatically get featured playlists and new releases from all genres.
  • Manage your comment in video previews
  • The supported platform for Vevo are iOS, Android, Windows phone, Fire & Apple T.V., Google, Xbox and Playstation.


3. Vimeo

YouTube alternatives

It is a video hosting platform that allows users to watch short films sub-issued by the community. Vimeo is also one of the best alternatives to YouTube sites, enabling you to enjoy clips with no compression. 

Features Offered by Vimeo:

  • Offers customized video players
  • Manages privacy and security ease
  • Enables you to edit video URLs according to your desire
  • Allows you to get collaborated with other people
  • Provides best customer services
  • Enables you to stream live videos
  • It is supported by: Android, Web, iOS, Windows, MacOS, Xbox One, PS4, Fire T.V.


4. TED Talks

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TED talks are video websites like YouTube that allows us to watch and search clips on different topics, including technology, fashion, design, entertainment and many more. The best feature of TED Talks is that this site is available in different languages like English, Spanish and others. 

Features Provided by TED Talks:

  • Allows you to watch videos for specific duration
  • Offers you more than 3500 talks and speakers
  • This alternative YouTube site provides you with topics, podcasts, TED books and more.
  • Enables you to sort up videos by newest, oldest and most watched


5. Facebook Videos

YouTube alternatives

Facebook is also an alternative to YouTube that allows you to watch T.V. shows without any hassle. In addition, this platform will enable you to save videos and helps you to upload H.D. clips without any problem.

Features Provided by Facebook Videos:

  • It is available in different languages
  • Enables you to customize your video
  • Allows you to search videos on trending topics
  • Easy log-in process
  • You can share videos with others


6. Instagram IGTV

 IGTV is a video watching platform on Instagram that allows you to host and watch clips without hassle. It is designed for mobile users. IGTV is one of the best sites like YouTube that enables you to upload clips of max. 60 minutes in length. 

Features Provided by IGTV:

  • You can watch videos in the vertical frame
  • Allows you to upload videos of your channel
  • You can upload videos of 1 hour long
  • It also supports short videos
  • It enables you to sign-up easily


7. Cheddar

YouTube alternatives

Cheddar can also be used as an alternative YouTube site that allows you to watch the news in media, technology, and entertainment. In addition, it provides weekly updates and offers business advice from the founders and experts.

Features Provided by Cheddar:

  • Access live stream on phones
  • Offers varieties of topics like sports, technology, culture and more.
  • Provides interview talk in the video


8. Netflix

YouTube alternatives

Netflix is a YouTube alternatives site that provides high-quality series and movies. 

Features Provided by Netflix:

  • It is a paid platform that is better than YouTube, which includes H.D. and original content. 
  • Offers program in various languages
  • Provide advertisement-free streaming
  • Enables you to download movies on mobile
  • You can create five profiles for an account.


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